Sunday, June 26, 2011


Denial is: holding a baby parakeet and eating Cheerios instead of running, even when it's a balmy 74 degrees out.

Denial is also holding a baby parakeet and watching DVR'ed shows instead of packing for a business trip (that's right, I travel for work, I'm basically A-list) that I'm unsure I have appropriate clothing for. It is only a 2 day trip but I'm still a little stressed that I won't the right combo of cute/professional. Let's hope that's not the case, or else I'll have to go shopping. Horror of horrors (note: I totally love buying things and am always looking for an excuse to go).

Inspired by this post from Skinny Runner, here are a few blast from the past pics I found hiding out on the interwebz:

 Me looking very young indeed with one of my college roommates, Carrie. I think we were dressed up for Halloween? This is 2004ish.
Cleaning up after a significant other's washer overflowed in 2006. How is my hair so shiny and nice and curly?
Me looking more tan than I have ever been since, summer 2004.



    and, can you tell I am not doing much to catch up on my life this afternoon? I am catching up on your blog instead! hooray!

  2. AHH That was the best summer!!!! i wish we could go back to that but people have to get married and have kids and we cant just camp out on the beach and run around barefoot anymore... boo!