Monday, June 6, 2011


Day two of being unable to grab Garmin data. So I put it in Excel.

MileTimeElevation gainElevation lossAvg. speed
Last 0.750:03:17243913.7

I biked for 33 minutes and did 8.75 miles! I know I'm not a speed demon but it still felt pretty good, especially considering I don't have a road bike. That'll be my next big purchase I think. I caught my shoelaces in my chain yesterday and cursed my lack of appropriate gear. I then walked a couple miles with my mom. In bike shorts. Along a major road. I don't know where those cojones came from, but they did. Note to drivers: honking/yelling at a girl doesn't convey appreciation or flatter her in any way. It usually startles the girl and irritates. Probably not your intention.

Day 2 of cutting back on caffeine is good. I made it all the way until 10something before I had coffee, although I'll admit I was pretty draggy by then. I realize I used to have 2++ cups a day, so even cutting back to one is still significant.. at least that's what I tell myself. Added sugar.. less successful. I've read that sugar is one of those things that if you have ANY at all, your cravings remain 'active' I guess. You have to actually avoid sugar entirely in order to really go through withdrawal and then get over cravings. Thing is, I don't really have a problem with cravings, I just want to avoid sugar. So I'm avoiding it, but the Fiber One bar I had yesterday, my coffee creamer, and I'm sure other things I eat, have sugar so I keep having it.. but I think I am lessening how much I eat. That's something. It might not be the week I eliminate anything, but I'll surely cut back.. sorta.

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