Monday, June 13, 2011


If I tell you about kayaking in great detail will everyone please just ignore if I don't write about a long run... or any run? Ok thanks.

Kayaking.. it was interesting. Thursday was HOT. There are not enough words for the unpleasant combo of heat and humidity that was going strong even at 4pm. I met up with folks including my really nice coworker who was lending me a kayak for the day. I used to lifeguard on a river and we rented out kayaks, canoes and paddle boats. A few times when people got too far out/capsized/got scared the lifeguards would need to go assist them in kayaks. We'd also go out and mess around in the kayaks when we were bored, so I've spent a fair amount of time in a kayak, just not in the last 5 years. I was worrried I'd be a failure.

Turns out kayaking (for me) is fairly easy, at least just the getting around and moving forward part. I was not speedy, but I felt comfortable enough. I couldn't do anything too fancy but I could get myself going the direction I needed to go. I did not figure out stopping. I will get there.

We did some leisurely paddling in a creek, looking at houses and birds nests and fancy boats. We got up to a turnaround point and people seemed to be heading back, so I thought I'd charge ahead and do my own thing on the way home. Turns out people were NOT really heading back, and I blazed my own trail. It was so, so peaceful. It's rhythmic in a way that running just isn't for me, and the scenery was gorgeous. My arms were aching like crazy by the time I got back, and I neglected to check behind me to see where everyone else was. When I got back I waited... and waited... over 20 minutes. Turns out they did a little more exploring and then took their sweet time coming home. It was alright, gave me time to shake out my legs.

I really want to buy a kayak now, but I need to wait until I am living in my own house so I have somewhere to store it. I've been looking at them online and there's a huge range of prices! I will have to do some research and figure out what I need. I know there's lots of other gear I will need too, like a roof rack, life jacket, paddle, etc. Could get expensive.

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  1. Now that you'll be living near my parent's house you could probably store a kayak there, and leave from their beach and maybe even use their life jackets and paddle (i'm not 100% sure they have a kayak paddle but they might). Just saying. I thought I'd encourage your shopping!