Tuesday, June 21, 2011

After midnight...

We gonna... blog? Ahh middle of the night posts. Where my wee little blog all began 4 months ago. I'm in the same boat, work-wise: totally weird night schedule. This time, the added bonus is that it was a SURPRISE night schedule. YES. Surprises keep my sleep schedule from getting all lazy and complacent.

Today/night (Monday) is transition time. I'm staying up uber late (totally should have napped earlier) in order to be able to sleep until the early afternoon. I ellipticaled (spell check hates it both ways). That was actually really enjoyable. Spent a pleasant 37 minutes watching Third Rock From the Sun.

Holy 90's Batman! Those outfits were heinous. However, it reaffirmed my love for Joseph Gordon Levitt. Totally jumped on his bandwagon early (zing!). The elliptical is the most mindless cardio for me. I have to remind myself to up the intensity and keep my rpm's high or else I end up just suspended, mid stride.

Annnd I just burnt my lip on my (literal) midnight snack: whole wheat pasta with sauce. It is also what I had for dinner 5 hours ago. Mmm then, ouch now.

Baby parakeet update, day 11:
Baby dino continues to thrive. He is getting feathers and I'm starting to think he is actually a direct descendant of birds. Or so he says (he actually just says 'peeeeeep! peeeeep! peeep!' in the CUTEST way). Come on, this teeny face (and still bald head) absolutely slay me. Side note: No, Dad, I definitely did not pick him up. He jumped on up into my hand and I was forced to hold him.Squirrelly little bugger.

I am so confused about what to eat! I mean, obviously, eat when I'm hungry, but between snacks (2) and meals (4) I'm going to go after the bird food next. I get ravenous when I stay up for hours and hours. We shall see how long the night shift lasts and how long my hunger/confusion/boredom keep this up.

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