Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I am so in love with my Garmin. It is just the best. I know I'm pretty late to the GPS-enabled watch game. I enjoy that it seems to be accurate, it is comfortable, and it is becoming increasingly easy for me to use. Here is a picture from the Garmin website:

The part with the writing on it is touch sensitive, but it is actually the inner bezel that you use to touch and scroll. The first week or so of owning the watch was incredibly frustrating because that stupid bezel did not work the way I wanted it to. It is still either too sensitive (to taps) or not sensitive enough (to scrolling), but at least now I can eventually get it to do what I need it to do. I've also figured out where the important menus are located, like switching between bike and run, and turning on and off data transfer.

For my run yesterday, I had 3 miles on the schedule but since I had done 7.5 the day before, I thought I'd give myself a break... oh, how the best laid plans go awry. I did give myself a break from running, did 2.3 miles in 21:44, intentionally slow. My shin was a little achy when I started out but didn't bother me the rest of the time. I got back and my dad was ready to go for a bike ride. He is training for a century ride in September!!! Craziness! Luckily, he only wanted to go about 6 miles down the road and come back.. unluckily, it was a very hilly road. We did 11.73 miles in about 51 minutes, averaging around 14 mph. My legs were sluggish.

My bike is the limiting factor as far as speed. It is a totally functional, gets me around just fine, but it is s-l-o-w. I'm looking for a road bike but I'm not sure how much I'd like to spend. It would definitely be an investment. Since I'm also looking at kayaks, I would have to prioritize those needs too... pretty sure the bike would come first.

I came back, showered, and sat myself on the floor for at least 30 minutes, cross-legged... that was a mistake. When I got up my joints felt like they needed greasing, so I took a hot bath. That greatly improved things.

A random highlight from yesterday:

This orange was SO GOOD. There are no words. It was such a joy to eat it, I might have teared up just a little while I was eating it, it was that good. It may look like a normal orange (photographed terribly with a backdrop of my pink notepad), but it was out of this world.... I get really excited about food.

Today- 5 miles, still enjoying this unseasonably cool weather.

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