Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Weekend Roundup

What? You say it's Wednesday, therefore way too late to round up a weekend? Tough.

I had a wine tasting for work Saturday. Lesson learned: I dislike sweet reds and oaky anything. I know oakiness is supposed to be amazing but it comes off as burnt-tasting to me. Icky. The rest of Saturday I was a waste of oxygen because I lazed about, then finally got myself to go for a run... only to encounter folks paving the road and the smell made me all cough-y. My inner laziness also made me cough-y. I only did like 10 minutes, then came home and played on Wii. I had my parents' animals to care for, so I did that. Sunday I had to get myself together and head up to a work thing in DC. I ran in the morning on the treadmill and did 6 miles... not what I needed to do, but better than nothing.

Work conference in DC was a lot of fun. Too much fun... we all stayed up too late and there was more beer than any of us needed. I also learned a lot? Sure...we'll go with that :) Monday morning I woke up with an uber sore throat, but I attributed that to not sleeping well because of the aforementioned beer. Then all day I felt sniffly. I woke up Tuesday morning feeling like death and again with the horrible sore throat. Again, I said, most likely because I didn't sleep enough and had some vino and beer and was at bars screaming over the music for hours... Last night, I could not sleep a wink. I played on my phone, took Tylenol PM, and still laid awake until midnight. I slept pretty terribly the rest of the night. I took today off of work, and good thing because I continue to feel like I have been hit by a bus. I have no appetite (that NEVER happens!) and my throat is scratchy and I am stuffy.

Whine whine. I think I'll try and do a couple easy miles on the treadmill and mostly just sit on my butt until I can sit no more. I  need to unpack and all that good stuff too. I'll also eat a salad because I did not get nearly enough green stuff at the conference. Unless you count a mojito.

Oh, fun fact- yesterday I got laser hair removal done on my underarms. I bought a groupon for 3 laser treatments for $99 ages ago and just now got around to using it. I was planning on it taking a long time, I guess since I'm hairy and I figured they would have to like, individually treat my follicles? Well, it took 3 minutes. The technician fired up this terrifying machine the size of a mini fridge that sounded like it was going to beam me up. Then she zapped each armpit with a thing the size of... I don't know, a hair dryer? 4 times. That was it. It hurt hardcore but was mostly just confusing. I wasn't there long enough to really have a chance to think about it too much. She said each treatment will remove like 15% of the hair permanently, and you need 6-8 treatments to have it be permanent. Today they're feeling slightly tender and slightly less hairy, so I'll go with it. Next appointment is in 9 weeks.

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