Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I am only writing because my three harassers-I mean, readers- have prodded me to write. Fine. So. I biked yesterday? Last week was a complete wash as far as actually sticking to the schedule. I kinda sorta ran, but mostly just sat around and used life as an excuse for not doing anything. So therefore, not a lot to blog about.

I'm trying to make both better decisions about eating, but also trying to worry less. Like, make eating more intuitive (as the amazing Monica writes about). Then I read a post by Katie the other day and it hit home (I swear, I do actually work, I just use blogs as my mini mental breaks :) )... I miss not knowing the 'bad stuff' in food. I miss not knowing that the bad stuff even exists. I miss not having guilt for (insert fun food here). Granted, you can focus on healthy eating and not be neurotic about it, but sometimes I don't think I have that capability. I went to the movies with Andrew and I had eaten pretty healthy all day and was doing alright... but then we had popcorn. And every single bite I was thinking about the articles I had read about how awful it is for you. It was dark, so I couldn't contemplate the unnatural color of the 'butter,' but I could imagine it.

I guess I just want life to be easier, but that is not going to happen.

In other news, I have a crazy spider bite on my arm. All of the pictures I have of it are pretty terrible, but just google spider bite and you'll get a good idea. Actually DO NOT GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH SPIDER BITE. DON'T. Goodness gracious. That is just terrible. Mine does not look like any of those, its just a little pea-sized red bump with a maybe 2 inch red ring around it. And it hurts like crazy. I'm keeping an eye on it but the consensus is to just leave it be.

My 'cold' from last week persists. I still have a sore throat and mild to moderate stuffiness. I know. I'm whiny. It didn't really affect my biking but we'll see how running goes this afternoon.

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