Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Um hi?

I had a lot of pageviews yesterday... I couldn't tell you why. I won't reveal the number, but let's just say its 5x what it normally is. So HI everyone! Welcome.

Random... I saw this tiny little guy yesterday as I was leaving work.

My workplace is something of a deer reserve because we have a lot of land and the deer are safe, so they live here and have tons of babies and run amuck. I was driving out of the parking lot when I saw him, so I hopped out of the car and snapped a picture... then I kept walking closer... and closer... if I had moved fast enough, I probably could have touched him. This little guy was totally chill, I was worried he was injured, but when I got close enough he got up and ran away as awkwardly as possible. Too cute. I'm still a little worried that his mom left him or got hit by a car or something, he was quite thin, so I'll keep my eyes open.

Yesterday was supposed to be cross training... so I cross trained by packing up my belongings and moving them to my parents house. Stairs were climbed, sweat was sweated. It totally counts. Today is more moving, so I'm not sure the run will happen... I would like it to, but... we'll see. I can justify it if I don't run, but I know I will feel better if I do.

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