Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tummy- part 2

My stomach has decided it hates me, so I'm just going to deal with it. My tummy *semi-TMI* reacts to everything-- changing food, running, stress, fluids-- so since I haven't been the most consistent with any of those things, I am not really surprised. I'll survive, but nausea and cramping are not the most fun. The best part of it (really) is that I also have the loudest stomach EVER. My noises can be heard from a distance, or in a room with people talking. It makes it a lot of fun to go to meetings. I think people think I have eaten a Gremlin whole.

Yesterday's run was actually pretty fun. I say 'actually' like there's someone forcing me to run. I know it's a choice I make, but some runs are just not as fun as others, that is a fact. I google mapped the route from my house to my parent's. Google told me it was 5.7 miles, and I was supposed to do 5 yesterday, so I said, alright, I will just run there since I needed to stop by anyways. Once I started running, though, I started going, oh no, what if I get sick/cold/it rains/I get tired? What if I can't run the whole way? What if I get hit by a car? I had my phone with me, so clearly the answer to any of those should have been, call someone, but for some reason the whole point to point thing psyched me out big time. Normally I run in the general vicinity of my start point, so I know I have the option of stopping at any time. I did fine, and it was a pleasant run, even with the mini-downpour that lasted about 3 minutes. Refreshing. As usual, my GPS on my phone was good for a laugh. It said I did 6.73 miles. In 50 minutes. Giddyup! It lies.

Today I will run... somewhere, somehow. I don't really have anything planned, and the weather will be beautiful. Three miles is pretty easy to bang out. Maybe I'll go do a trail run at the state park? That could be good.

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