Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So, since I might have some new readers (who I hope stick around. hi readers!), I thought I'd do a summary of where I am in my life and in my marathon training just in case there are people out there who aren't blood-related to me.

I'm 25 and I live in gorgeous Southern Maryland with my parents. I'm gainfully employed, I swear, I'm just between houses right now. My job title is "associate chemistry analyst" but if you asked what I actually do all day, it involves a lot of reading and spreadsheets. I did get a degree in biochemistry, and I sort of get to use that. Sometimes.

My training (or should I say 'training'?)
I'm going to be following Hal Higdon's Intermediate Marathon training program. It's an 18 week program, and I'm preparing for the Marine Corps Marathon on October 30! Oh, and I'm raising money for Back on My Feet by running this race (that's my donation page, they are an awesome organization, check it out here). My official official training starts June 27, because that's 18 weeks before the marathon, but I've been mentally training to some extent for a little while now. Mostly just getting mileage up and getting into a daily workout groove.

I'm prone to shin splints, so I'm worried about those. Hal Higdon's program has 5 days of running, 1 day of cross training, and 1 rest day. I'm most likely going to step that up to 2 days of cross training because I'm afraid I'll just fall apart otherwise. I love swimming and biking (I did a triathlon in fall 2009, but it is just not my thing to swim in open water) so it would be awesome to have one day a week of each.

And now, a picture of my spider bite from 2.5 weeks ago:
It is a whole lot better, but still not 100%. It still feels like I have a pea under my skin, and it occasionally itches. I scar really easily, so I anticipate having a spot of some sort on my arm for the foreseeable future.

Oh and I also take poor quality pictures of random things. So if you want to keep reading, expect that.

Other lifestyle stuff/ 'healthy living' (definitely need quotation marks there)
I'm a vegetarian... I think it's been 4 years? Maybe more? I have lost track. I could never be a vegan because melted cheese is sometimes the only thing that keeps me sane. Also, eggs are a reliable source of protein for me. I really like to eat natural, whole foods, but I am often too lazy/cheap to do so. I really admire people who have that time and inclination, I hope to someday join your ranks. I do stay away from most processed foods, and spontaneously give up caffeine for like 8 days at a time. Then I drink 11 cups of coffee and remember why I love it so much.

For protein, I eat nuts, eggs, cheese, yogurt, whole grains and beans. I have a bit of anemia (is that something you can have just a little of?) so I've taken to eating Cheerios for breakfast and being better about taking my multivitamin. I can't say my energy levels have soared, but it can't hurt, right?

I sometimes keep track of my food on here, but mostly just keep a food diary in my head (foolproof, I know). If I notice I'm eating way off track, I do my best to rein it in. I lost about 35 lbs between the beginning and end of 2009 by being poor, single and unemployed. I don't recommend that as a weight loss plan.

Enough rambling. I'm just writing this because I didn't run yesterday, although I did walk like 3 miles with my mom, so I don't have a workout to write about. Hopefully I'll do 5ish miles today and then I'll regale you with my running brilliance again tomorrow. Hopefully.

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