Friday, May 20, 2011

So many pictures.

I signed up for a 5K with my long lost friend Kim and her sister. It was not the one that I originally found online (that my smart father found the official website for!) but it's also on Saturday morning. And I hear it also covers 3.1 miles, those are basically my only requirements for a 5K. Then afterwards I get to see tons of old friends at a wedding. Yay! This is the dress I'm wearing:

It looks better on me because it fits me better, I think. I'm still figuring out my hair. Shoes are these:
I will get a pic of everything together on Saturday. Excited!

Yesterday was weird workout day. I ran ~3 miles pretty quick and then was going to go on a bike ride, but I had time to kill before Andrew was ready so I did a bunch of crunches while getting distracted and watching Friends. Then I climbed on the Wii and saw this:

That's the trend in my weight since February and then in the last month (the Wii makes you set a 'goal weight' and I think I chose 150.4 because then my BMI would be 22).

Umm, what? I've lost around 10 lbs since February? And 5ish since the beginning of the month? I'm confused. Not gonna complain, but confused. I don't think my clothing fit all that differently. If you had asked me, I probably would have said that I was down 2-3 lbs. Also, I have no idea what's been happening the last 5 days or so... that's obviously a water weight anomaly, as is the peak at like 162 in February (that's when I was working nights and my body was all out of whack). Anyways, I'll take it. I have been working out a lot more since Feb, and this last month I've been stressed and probably eating less, but still. I've never had weight fall off me like that. I would not complain if I lost 10 more. 140 has always been a pipe dream for me, but if I keep this up it'll be doable. That would be delightful.

After that little revelation Andrew and I went on a quick bike ride because the weather was looking ominous and then I ate a huge salad, veggie burger and ice cream. Can't get too skinny all of a sudden :)

What's that? You're curious how my spider bite looks? Well you're in luck, I took a picture...

Not as big or deadly looking, not as painful, and the big red spot is gone. Hooray!

Today I'm gonna walk 5-ish miles with my mom and then go swim with my dad. It's a 'rest day' but since I'm not sticking to the schedule and both these activities are low impact, I'm ok with doing stuff.

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  1. That dress will be fabulous! I love it with the shoes. Hope you have a great day :)