Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rain run

Yesterday I went on a run, checking the radar map before I left. It didn't look like anything was imminently coming my way, although there was a slight chance of rain, so I headed out like normal. About 10 steps from my front door it started very lightly drizzling and continued on and off for the first 1.5 miles. It was not too bad and it was the kind of rain where it's really not dark out, just isolated clouds, so I even left my sunglasses on. On the way back from my turnaround point it started getting into what I'd actually call rain, and I got pretty damp but it was not the end of the world. I came home and did calf raises, planks and pushups.

I felt so great on the run yesterday, and I'm not sure why. I had made a conscious effort before I left to think positively, and not get into the "omg, I'm tired I'm not going to finish" spiral, and everytime those thoughts came up I just ignored them and focused on moving forward. It was nice and I ended the run super happy and fairly fast (for me).

Today I will... something. I'd like to go to a local state park and run a little, but since the weather's been crappy I worry the trails will be torn up. I might do it anyways. I'm riding a wave of positivity from yesterday.

As far as food- nothing too exciting here. The last couple days I've had these killer salads that are crazy filling, but I worry I'm not getting enough nutrients if I'm just eating a pile of lettuce, beans and cottage cheese. We'll see, I might look at the nutrition stats on what I'm actually eating and make sure I'm not feeling full but really just eating roughage and protein.

Oh AND because it's awesome, here is a picture of my spider bite:
Today it's a little more purple than that in the middle, and depending on time of day/activity level, the ring around the outside is more or less defined. Icky, I know.

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