Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh weekend...

You do such strange things to me. Mostly just make my sleep super confusing. Saturday morning we were up early- like weekday early- to go do Christmas in April. We went to a house where Andrew and I both did yardwork. He was mostly hoisting and hauling mulch, I raked and planted at least 50 little pansy plants. I planted so many, and there were still tons leftover so I took some and gave them to my parents to raise. They are much better plant parents than I am. I was exhausted Saturday night so we crashed relatively early then slept for almost 12 hours. Glorious. Yesterday was a long motorcycle ride, followed by a really poorly timed nap that dovetailed into an early bedtime. NOT the most restful night of sleep of my life, as my body woke up around 2:30am and said, alright, you've been in bed for 7 hours, time to get up! I stifled that urge, although not very well, and dozed off and on until my real wake up time.

I did not do a long run this weekend. Fail on my part, but it just did not fit in the schedule of events, and my body was tired from all my other activities. I'm SORE today from Christmas in April plus riding. My left foot and left hip are the only things really bothering me. I'm thinking that's just from holding my legs in an unfamiliar position for so long. Today I will run, most likely inside, although possibly outside if the rain holds off.

My food is so boring. Here's a picture from the hike from last weekend instead:

That's pretty much how we walk around all the time.

And another one, now with my dad included:
I look surprisingly gangly there. I knew Andrew had monkey arms but never realized I do too :)

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