Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mid weekend update

Oh weekend. You are so nice.

Friday I walked with my mom and then went and saw an apartment. I'm in a weird place mentally because, I just counted this, I have moved 10 times in 8 years. When I move out of my parents' place in a couple months, that will make it 11 times... blech. It is NOT because I love and adore moving, no sirree. Let me chronicle:
1) 1st dorm of college (2003)
2) 1st apartment of college (2004-2006)
3) 2nd apartment of college, got new roommates (2007)
4) 1st apartment after college, moved in with boyfriend (2008)
5) 2nd apartment after college, moved for job (2009)
6) 3rd apartment, first time I lived by myself (2009)
7) 4th apartment, moved for job (2010)
8) back with parents (2010)
9) living with boyfriend (2011)
10) back with parents again (2011, current)

 So what conclusions can we draw? I changed boyfriends and jobs as often as I changed my undies there for a while, so I'll put a stop to that. Also, I never really moved into a place thinking I would live there for very long. I remember conversations with my mom where she would say "well, not like it's forever, just find something you can live with" so I have lived in a series of places I have not been wild about. Apartment #6 was the basement of a lovely, sweet, but terribly messy woman's house where I felt uncomfortable leaving stuff in her fridge because it was just that gross. Also, I had practically no space there. Apartment #7 was a sublet of a perfectly nice place in the ghetto of Northern Virginia where I was fairly happy but paying way too much.

My parents are not in any huge hurry to have me move out, so I know I should take my time and find somewhere that will make me happy for a year... or more would be even better. Maybe I can get my average number of dwellings per year below 1. Anyways, I looked at the apartment on Friday and because of my 'everything is temporary' mindset, I thought, hey, this place is nice but is it worth spending all that rent? My first instinct was no, absolutely not because the other factor in all my moving was a lack of job security and a horrible paycheck. I have a great job now that I like and that pays me well enough that I don't have to live in anyone's basement unless I want to. So splurging a little on the place I plan to call home for the next year is worth it. One major downside was the location- about 30 minutes from my workplace, and have to cross a bridge that gets pretty backed up during 'rush hour.' Because of that, I think I'll hold out and see if there's somewhere that's a little closer to work. This place was pretty cute though.

Saturday was a 5k. This was another fairly teeny one, about 150 runners. It didn't start until 9:30 though, so again I was awake super early and just sat around trying to talk myself out of running. I did not succeed. It was already pretty hot and humid, even though it was early, and I was not familiar with the course yet again. I suck at doing my homework lately. It was in a state park, and the trail was fairly well marked, but I think if you looked at an overhead view of the course, it would look like an octopus. Lots of little arms branching out and coming back to the same spot, so you ran through a central location 4 times. It was weird. I started off a little fast and lost steam and a couple hills toward the end kicked my butt. I just wasn't feeling 100%, so it was not a 100% effort. But it was fun and it was run incredibly well.

Today was supposed to be pretty hot, so I got up early and then just lazed about... I wanted to finish a book, so I did, then found other random things to delay running. I finally got out the door. This was my first time where I planned on eating anything during a run, as I had tentatively planned on going for 80 minutes. I stashed a huge amount of water and some Sports Beans along my route and took off. It felt pretty good but I didn't have a ton of energy yet again, whether it was from the 5K the day before or the bucket of tortilla chips I had at dinner... or my crazy dream where I had to manuever tractor trailers around some indoor course with the finalist's from this year's American Idol... I'm not normal.

Anyways, the run went alright. I stayed relaxed and sweaty and ended up going for an hour. Probably could have done more, but I had a couple of Memorial Day/Birthday parties to go to. Tomorrow I'll go bike with my dad. We're exploring biking to work, and just how sweaty we will be when we get there. I inherited my sweatiness from my father :)

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