Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's not the heat, it's the humidity

Yesterday's run was supposed to be 5 miles... and it was! I'm just so used to NOT running what I had scheduled, I even surprised myself! I measured out a nice, shady route, and it was still pretty hot at 5 when I headed out. My father pestered me to do a good walking warmup, so I did about a half mile out to the main road, then a lot of twisty neighborhood roads. Of course, when I got to the turn around point that I had measured out earlier, I was smack dab in front of someone's nice picnic dinner outside. Oh hai! I'm your sweaty, gasping neighbor! Pardon me while I wheeze at you!

The run was uneventful, completed in about 48 minutes, which I'm pleased about. Then my body reminded me how it feels about running in the heat. Angry. Very very angry. Funny tummy to the max. I hadn't eaten anything unusual and I was well hydrated but I still just about died. It wasn't even THAT hot either.

Today's run is 3 miles, and it is going to be close to 90 degrees again when I go out. Runner's World tells me it takes several days to acclimate to the heat, so hopefully the run aftermath will lessen in the coming weeks. Otherwise I'll just have to be sad and lay on the floor and whine every night after I run. And nobody wants that. I'm thinking of going out and doing hill repeats for 30 minutes instead of just running the 30 minutes straight. I have a pretty solid hill, about 100 meters long and fairly steep near my parent's house that has worked well in the past.

Food-wise, my parent's house has been surprisingly friendly. Not like I anticipated them sabotaging me or anything, but they just have so. many. more. options. for food and luckily I haven't really been tempted or interested in any of their exotic food. I am in a major (self-induced, totally acceptable) food rut right now, and not even pita chips and ice cream will get me out of it.

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