Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Funny tummy

When I was little my family for some reason used the phrase 'funny tummy' when we had a stomach ache or otherwise upset stomach. I'm not sure why. I still use it because I'm weird. We (just me?) also called black olives "bean balls" because they sat on top of the refried beans I got at the Mexican restaurant we always went to. That term has also stuck with my family. Anyways, funny tummy. I've got one. I felt meh all day yesterday but went home and ran anyways. Afterwards, I just felt horrible and nauseous. I ate a salad with chickpeas and an egg for dinner but it still didn't sit right. This morning I'm still... not right. I don't know what I'm eating differently. Except brownies. There have been brownies. A few. But I didn't think it was enough to upset my stomach this much. Also, this morning the joints in my fingers are super swollen. Don't google nausea and swollen fingers. Not the most encouraging results.

Oh well, life goes on. My run was also weird because 1) it was hot and humid. My body's still not quite accustomed to that. 2) I got chased by a dog for like 100 yards. He was friendly and just It still threw off my run because I had to stop, deal with the dog, and also assure the passing police office that I was ok, really, I can handle a 40 pound dog. I have literally never seen a police officer that far down on my road and yesterday I saw 3 in a row. Was it a convention? Weird.

It is currently raining buckets. The running schedule has 5 miles today, and I will not hesitate to do those on the treadmill, although if it clears up like it says it is supposed to, it'll be nice and cool and pleasant today. We'll see how my tummy cooperates. Treadmill running is easier because it lets me zone out and if my stomach hurts that just might be the way to go.

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