Tuesday, May 3, 2011


A.k.a dinner inspiration. I get in food ruts that I'm totally ok with and eat the same thing every week. Especially living with a meat-eater, finding things that work for both of us is hard, so when we find something that works, it gets put on repeat indefinitely. In my quest to change things up, I came up with breakfast for dinner as a new option. Sadly, Andrew and I don't eat our eggs the same way and I don't eat bacon, so it was really us eating totally different stuff, but made from one similar ingredient, eggs. Teeny, tiny victory right there. Anyways, I love scrambled eggs, but I thought I should add some carbs to dinner too, and in the shower it came to me....

breakfast burrito! 

I know. Brilliance. It was delicious, eggs, cheddar and salsa in a burrito. Yummy.

Yesterday was day 1 of actually adhering to my running schedule, so the week is supposed to look like this:

May 2-8cross3 m run5 m run3 m runrest5 m run8

I actually felt like running yesterday, but the schedule said cross train, so I geared up to go elliptical... and then Andrew reminded me that the weather was amazing and that I could go outside and bike. So I did. And it was great. I rarely ever regret doing something outside, especially when the weather is as glorious as it has been. I biked 35 minutes.

I'm thinking I'll make one of my two short runs this week an interval one. Either today or Thursday, weather depending. I'm also wanting one of the shorter runs to have hills. I know hills and intervals are keys to increasing speed, so hopefully tossing in a couple of those will benefit me in the long run.

Again, food is boring, so here's another picture, from the motorcycle ride this weekend:

I'm self-concious about how chipmunk-y my face looks when I have the helmet on, so I didn't smile. And ended up looking fearful. It happens.

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