Monday, May 23, 2011


So.. Saturday. The 5k was TINY. There were 50 finishers and the course was... not well marked. No mile markers, nothing. There was water, which we were told was right around the halfway point but it was more like 1.1 miles in. My friend's Garmin said that the course was over 3.2 miles, not 3.11. It was grassy but not too hilly. Enough complaining though, I finished and had fun and got to run with Kim. The weather was perfection and the scenery was really nice. Aside from the lack of course markings, the race was well run and there seemed to be a lot of support despite how small it was.

Saturday afternoon-- wedding time! It was one of the hotter days so far this summer, which made for a nice wedding but some sweaty guests. The ceremony was lovely and the reception was something like this:
I am a giant who doesn't know how to dance. Note: I am not wearing heels. I threw on flip flops as soon as possible. Then I lost my flip flops. That's the groom and my good friend Emily.
Here's a group shot of some of the ladies:
Disregard how many bottles of wine and beer you can see in that picture. That's really incriminating.

The reception went far into the nighttime hours and I woke up Sunday feeling terrible. Sunday was a waste of a day, aside from housework.

Today I got a tooth fixed. Around 4 years ago I chipped a tooth on a glass. Here is an attractive picture where you can kinda sorta see the chip. It's my right front tooth:
It is reallllly subtle. Are my eyes really two different colors? Here, in an equally attractive pic, is the after photo:

Car self-portrait. I swear I don't have jaundice. Anyways, that makes my day really exciting because I keep feeling my tooth.... which makes me a weirdo, yes.

In other news, I'm moving back home with my parents for at least a little while. This will likely present food challenges because growing up dinner was always meat, veggie, carb, then piece of fruit and dessert. We never went hungry. My brother (who also lives at home) recently became a vegetarian also, so we will force my poor parents to make us special meals. I'll have to break my ice cream habit because when I have been home for short periods before (and when I lived at home last May-December) I definitely fell back into my old ways. No bueno.

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