Thursday, May 12, 2011


I am having the damndest time adjusting to being back at home and at work. I had another horrible night's sleep, complete with sweating, tossing and turning, and waking up a hundred times. Ugh. Work today has been weird and sleepy and I just feel out of it. I like to think I'm fooling everyone into thinking I'm alive and functional, but I'm not sure it is working.

Yesterday I rode bikes with Andrew and we did 16.5ish miles. It was nice, perfect weather, sunshine, and we went a few places he hadn't been before that I had not been in a while. We had a humbling moment at the end when we realized our average pace was 13 mph... same as the folks who run 2 hour marathons.... yikes! And we were on bikes. Nothing quite like elite runners to remind you that you're mortal :)

Today my brother is graduating :) I'm excited to go to his graduation and am graciously sacrificing my run today to honor him. I'm so selfless sometimes. I've got a work thing that'll keep me here kind of late, so there's just not a lot of time. I think it'll be ok. I'm clearly not sticking to my schedule, but I'm ok with it. There's too many other things to stress about in my life right now.

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