Thursday, May 19, 2011


This is my 50th post! Hooray!

I have weirdly been itching to run a 5K. Andrew and I have one next week, but all the 5K's I've run since November (all 2 of them, plus a third next weekend) have been with him. While that's cool, I know he changes how races go for me so I'd like to do one on my own. The thing is, I have a wedding to go to Saturday afternoon and I don't want to be too far from home because I have LOTS of primping to do. My dress is super cute and I'm trying to make the rest of me presentable as well. I hate feeling rushed before big events, I get sweaty. Which is no different than every other day of my life, but this is my friend's wedding and I'll feel bad if I arrive smelling like a piggie.

Anyways, I've been looking for local 5k's in my tiny town. And I found one by the grace of Google... but I can't find their website. I found the donation pages for people in the race (its for the Special Olympics) and the meeting place, but not the start time. I'm really undecided. Do I go down to the race area on Saturday morning and just wander around, hoping I can register? Do I call it a wash and run a 5k by my lonesome? Decisions, decisions.

Yesterday's run should be entitled "I am a huge wuss who gets scared by dark clouds." It could actually be a series, as I take one look outside and immediately decide to go to the gym. I ran 4.6 (was supposed to do 5 but I did my hair wrong and since there wasn't any ventilation in the gym my ponytail was literally dripping... ew) and felt good. I watched Gilmore Girls and the beginning of Jurassic Park

... man that movie made me feel old. It came out when I was 8! And I remember it! I remember the general storyline, and thinking how cool science was, and being scared by the velociraptors. I also distinctly remember the music, and I can hum it to myself right now (or sing it. don't tell me I can't sing a song just because it doesn't have words!). That just might be because I played it in various band concerts for the rest of my life. In the end, the run was good and it didn't rain a drop while I was in the gym. It drizzled for 2 minutes as I was walking home and that was it. All show and no go, dark rain clouds. I'm disappointed.

Today I might run (it's on the schedule!), but Andrew has the afternoon off, so it would be nice if we could go bike together or something. We'll see!

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