Monday, May 30, 2011


I feel like I have not had a long weekend in ages, and now this one is already over. Today was a huge success by my very low standards, but I think even normal people might think it was a success. I got up moderately early and went biking with my dad. We were investigating biking to work, which is around 9 miles from the house. It was deadly hot out, even before noon, with a heat advisory issued bright and early. We toughed it out and got to our workplace in around 35 minutes with a stop at a stoplight and lots of hills. So we figured to allow an hour from the house to actually being at work, in work clothes and actually working. I think that's a reasonable amount of time since I normally allow 30 minutes for driving, parking, and getting to my desk. My cross training day is Monday on the schedule, and then I have been cross training on Fridays as well, so maybe I'll do the biking to work thing one of those days. More likely Friday because there are fewer people in the office so I'm less likely to nasally offend people.

Then I had a 'tea party' at the house of my high school English teacher. She has alumni get-togethers every year, I just have not attended since the first year after high school... 7 years ago! Yikes. Most of the attendees were YOUNG, 18 and 19, but I did get the chance to reconnect with a couple of classmates my age. And eat some fantastic finger sandwiches. Delightful. I am not super psyched about work tomorrow, but it will be good to get back in the groove of waking up early after this lazy weekend...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mid weekend update

Oh weekend. You are so nice.

Friday I walked with my mom and then went and saw an apartment. I'm in a weird place mentally because, I just counted this, I have moved 10 times in 8 years. When I move out of my parents' place in a couple months, that will make it 11 times... blech. It is NOT because I love and adore moving, no sirree. Let me chronicle:
1) 1st dorm of college (2003)
2) 1st apartment of college (2004-2006)
3) 2nd apartment of college, got new roommates (2007)
4) 1st apartment after college, moved in with boyfriend (2008)
5) 2nd apartment after college, moved for job (2009)
6) 3rd apartment, first time I lived by myself (2009)
7) 4th apartment, moved for job (2010)
8) back with parents (2010)
9) living with boyfriend (2011)
10) back with parents again (2011, current)

 So what conclusions can we draw? I changed boyfriends and jobs as often as I changed my undies there for a while, so I'll put a stop to that. Also, I never really moved into a place thinking I would live there for very long. I remember conversations with my mom where she would say "well, not like it's forever, just find something you can live with" so I have lived in a series of places I have not been wild about. Apartment #6 was the basement of a lovely, sweet, but terribly messy woman's house where I felt uncomfortable leaving stuff in her fridge because it was just that gross. Also, I had practically no space there. Apartment #7 was a sublet of a perfectly nice place in the ghetto of Northern Virginia where I was fairly happy but paying way too much.

My parents are not in any huge hurry to have me move out, so I know I should take my time and find somewhere that will make me happy for a year... or more would be even better. Maybe I can get my average number of dwellings per year below 1. Anyways, I looked at the apartment on Friday and because of my 'everything is temporary' mindset, I thought, hey, this place is nice but is it worth spending all that rent? My first instinct was no, absolutely not because the other factor in all my moving was a lack of job security and a horrible paycheck. I have a great job now that I like and that pays me well enough that I don't have to live in anyone's basement unless I want to. So splurging a little on the place I plan to call home for the next year is worth it. One major downside was the location- about 30 minutes from my workplace, and have to cross a bridge that gets pretty backed up during 'rush hour.' Because of that, I think I'll hold out and see if there's somewhere that's a little closer to work. This place was pretty cute though.

Saturday was a 5k. This was another fairly teeny one, about 150 runners. It didn't start until 9:30 though, so again I was awake super early and just sat around trying to talk myself out of running. I did not succeed. It was already pretty hot and humid, even though it was early, and I was not familiar with the course yet again. I suck at doing my homework lately. It was in a state park, and the trail was fairly well marked, but I think if you looked at an overhead view of the course, it would look like an octopus. Lots of little arms branching out and coming back to the same spot, so you ran through a central location 4 times. It was weird. I started off a little fast and lost steam and a couple hills toward the end kicked my butt. I just wasn't feeling 100%, so it was not a 100% effort. But it was fun and it was run incredibly well.

Today was supposed to be pretty hot, so I got up early and then just lazed about... I wanted to finish a book, so I did, then found other random things to delay running. I finally got out the door. This was my first time where I planned on eating anything during a run, as I had tentatively planned on going for 80 minutes. I stashed a huge amount of water and some Sports Beans along my route and took off. It felt pretty good but I didn't have a ton of energy yet again, whether it was from the 5K the day before or the bucket of tortilla chips I had at dinner... or my crazy dream where I had to manuever tractor trailers around some indoor course with the finalist's from this year's American Idol... I'm not normal.

Anyways, the run went alright. I stayed relaxed and sweaty and ended up going for an hour. Probably could have done more, but I had a couple of Memorial Day/Birthday parties to go to. Tomorrow I'll go bike with my dad. We're exploring biking to work, and just how sweaty we will be when we get there. I inherited my sweatiness from my father :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Surprise surprise

Anyone want to guess what I did not do yesterday? That is correct, I did not run 3 miles. Because of weird time constraints, I went out and warmed up for 5 minutes, then did 5 (or 6?) hill repeats near my parents house, then cooled down for a couple minutes. I was alright and believe me, I sweated, but I wish I had had time to do more. Today is a day off, and I plan on resting.

That's all I've got. My life right now is topsy-turvy and I don't think I've slept well in a week. I am reallllly looking forward to this long weekend.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's not the heat, it's the humidity

Yesterday's run was supposed to be 5 miles... and it was! I'm just so used to NOT running what I had scheduled, I even surprised myself! I measured out a nice, shady route, and it was still pretty hot at 5 when I headed out. My father pestered me to do a good walking warmup, so I did about a half mile out to the main road, then a lot of twisty neighborhood roads. Of course, when I got to the turn around point that I had measured out earlier, I was smack dab in front of someone's nice picnic dinner outside. Oh hai! I'm your sweaty, gasping neighbor! Pardon me while I wheeze at you!

The run was uneventful, completed in about 48 minutes, which I'm pleased about. Then my body reminded me how it feels about running in the heat. Angry. Very very angry. Funny tummy to the max. I hadn't eaten anything unusual and I was well hydrated but I still just about died. It wasn't even THAT hot either.

Today's run is 3 miles, and it is going to be close to 90 degrees again when I go out. Runner's World tells me it takes several days to acclimate to the heat, so hopefully the run aftermath will lessen in the coming weeks. Otherwise I'll just have to be sad and lay on the floor and whine every night after I run. And nobody wants that. I'm thinking of going out and doing hill repeats for 30 minutes instead of just running the 30 minutes straight. I have a pretty solid hill, about 100 meters long and fairly steep near my parent's house that has worked well in the past.

Food-wise, my parent's house has been surprisingly friendly. Not like I anticipated them sabotaging me or anything, but they just have so. many. more. options. for food and luckily I haven't really been tempted or interested in any of their exotic food. I am in a major (self-induced, totally acceptable) food rut right now, and not even pita chips and ice cream will get me out of it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So, since I might have some new readers (who I hope stick around. hi readers!), I thought I'd do a summary of where I am in my life and in my marathon training just in case there are people out there who aren't blood-related to me.

I'm 25 and I live in gorgeous Southern Maryland with my parents. I'm gainfully employed, I swear, I'm just between houses right now. My job title is "associate chemistry analyst" but if you asked what I actually do all day, it involves a lot of reading and spreadsheets. I did get a degree in biochemistry, and I sort of get to use that. Sometimes.

My training (or should I say 'training'?)
I'm going to be following Hal Higdon's Intermediate Marathon training program. It's an 18 week program, and I'm preparing for the Marine Corps Marathon on October 30! Oh, and I'm raising money for Back on My Feet by running this race (that's my donation page, they are an awesome organization, check it out here). My official official training starts June 27, because that's 18 weeks before the marathon, but I've been mentally training to some extent for a little while now. Mostly just getting mileage up and getting into a daily workout groove.

I'm prone to shin splints, so I'm worried about those. Hal Higdon's program has 5 days of running, 1 day of cross training, and 1 rest day. I'm most likely going to step that up to 2 days of cross training because I'm afraid I'll just fall apart otherwise. I love swimming and biking (I did a triathlon in fall 2009, but it is just not my thing to swim in open water) so it would be awesome to have one day a week of each.

And now, a picture of my spider bite from 2.5 weeks ago:
It is a whole lot better, but still not 100%. It still feels like I have a pea under my skin, and it occasionally itches. I scar really easily, so I anticipate having a spot of some sort on my arm for the foreseeable future.

Oh and I also take poor quality pictures of random things. So if you want to keep reading, expect that.

Other lifestyle stuff/ 'healthy living' (definitely need quotation marks there)
I'm a vegetarian... I think it's been 4 years? Maybe more? I have lost track. I could never be a vegan because melted cheese is sometimes the only thing that keeps me sane. Also, eggs are a reliable source of protein for me. I really like to eat natural, whole foods, but I am often too lazy/cheap to do so. I really admire people who have that time and inclination, I hope to someday join your ranks. I do stay away from most processed foods, and spontaneously give up caffeine for like 8 days at a time. Then I drink 11 cups of coffee and remember why I love it so much.

For protein, I eat nuts, eggs, cheese, yogurt, whole grains and beans. I have a bit of anemia (is that something you can have just a little of?) so I've taken to eating Cheerios for breakfast and being better about taking my multivitamin. I can't say my energy levels have soared, but it can't hurt, right?

I sometimes keep track of my food on here, but mostly just keep a food diary in my head (foolproof, I know). If I notice I'm eating way off track, I do my best to rein it in. I lost about 35 lbs between the beginning and end of 2009 by being poor, single and unemployed. I don't recommend that as a weight loss plan.

Enough rambling. I'm just writing this because I didn't run yesterday, although I did walk like 3 miles with my mom, so I don't have a workout to write about. Hopefully I'll do 5ish miles today and then I'll regale you with my running brilliance again tomorrow. Hopefully.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Um hi?

I had a lot of pageviews yesterday... I couldn't tell you why. I won't reveal the number, but let's just say its 5x what it normally is. So HI everyone! Welcome.

Random... I saw this tiny little guy yesterday as I was leaving work.

My workplace is something of a deer reserve because we have a lot of land and the deer are safe, so they live here and have tons of babies and run amuck. I was driving out of the parking lot when I saw him, so I hopped out of the car and snapped a picture... then I kept walking closer... and closer... if I had moved fast enough, I probably could have touched him. This little guy was totally chill, I was worried he was injured, but when I got close enough he got up and ran away as awkwardly as possible. Too cute. I'm still a little worried that his mom left him or got hit by a car or something, he was quite thin, so I'll keep my eyes open.

Yesterday was supposed to be cross training... so I cross trained by packing up my belongings and moving them to my parents house. Stairs were climbed, sweat was sweated. It totally counts. Today is more moving, so I'm not sure the run will happen... I would like it to, but... we'll see. I can justify it if I don't run, but I know I will feel better if I do.

Monday, May 23, 2011


So.. Saturday. The 5k was TINY. There were 50 finishers and the course was... not well marked. No mile markers, nothing. There was water, which we were told was right around the halfway point but it was more like 1.1 miles in. My friend's Garmin said that the course was over 3.2 miles, not 3.11. It was grassy but not too hilly. Enough complaining though, I finished and had fun and got to run with Kim. The weather was perfection and the scenery was really nice. Aside from the lack of course markings, the race was well run and there seemed to be a lot of support despite how small it was.

Saturday afternoon-- wedding time! It was one of the hotter days so far this summer, which made for a nice wedding but some sweaty guests. The ceremony was lovely and the reception was something like this:
I am a giant who doesn't know how to dance. Note: I am not wearing heels. I threw on flip flops as soon as possible. Then I lost my flip flops. That's the groom and my good friend Emily.
Here's a group shot of some of the ladies:
Disregard how many bottles of wine and beer you can see in that picture. That's really incriminating.

The reception went far into the nighttime hours and I woke up Sunday feeling terrible. Sunday was a waste of a day, aside from housework.

Today I got a tooth fixed. Around 4 years ago I chipped a tooth on a glass. Here is an attractive picture where you can kinda sorta see the chip. It's my right front tooth:
It is reallllly subtle. Are my eyes really two different colors? Here, in an equally attractive pic, is the after photo:

Car self-portrait. I swear I don't have jaundice. Anyways, that makes my day really exciting because I keep feeling my tooth.... which makes me a weirdo, yes.

In other news, I'm moving back home with my parents for at least a little while. This will likely present food challenges because growing up dinner was always meat, veggie, carb, then piece of fruit and dessert. We never went hungry. My brother (who also lives at home) recently became a vegetarian also, so we will force my poor parents to make us special meals. I'll have to break my ice cream habit because when I have been home for short periods before (and when I lived at home last May-December) I definitely fell back into my old ways. No bueno.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Finds me feeling like this:

i.e. I have been more excited for things. Also, greasy? I should use sunscreen instead of reflective stuff at nighttime. I usually am at work by now (the race is at 9! and its only 30 minutes away! so I don't even have to leave my house until almost 8!), so I've been up for over an hour and B.O.R.E.D. Bored is better than rushed, I guess? That is unheard of in my racing experiences. I don't know yet if I'm running with Kim and/or her sister or if they're faster/slower than me, and as I am not super excited, I also don't want to go out there and act silly and run too fast since I'm really not in the mood. Mental blockage.

Maybe 2 cups of coffee will help?

I will let you know how it goes, one of these days. Wedding this afternoon!

Friday, May 20, 2011

So many pictures.

I signed up for a 5K with my long lost friend Kim and her sister. It was not the one that I originally found online (that my smart father found the official website for!) but it's also on Saturday morning. And I hear it also covers 3.1 miles, those are basically my only requirements for a 5K. Then afterwards I get to see tons of old friends at a wedding. Yay! This is the dress I'm wearing:

It looks better on me because it fits me better, I think. I'm still figuring out my hair. Shoes are these:
I will get a pic of everything together on Saturday. Excited!

Yesterday was weird workout day. I ran ~3 miles pretty quick and then was going to go on a bike ride, but I had time to kill before Andrew was ready so I did a bunch of crunches while getting distracted and watching Friends. Then I climbed on the Wii and saw this:

That's the trend in my weight since February and then in the last month (the Wii makes you set a 'goal weight' and I think I chose 150.4 because then my BMI would be 22).

Umm, what? I've lost around 10 lbs since February? And 5ish since the beginning of the month? I'm confused. Not gonna complain, but confused. I don't think my clothing fit all that differently. If you had asked me, I probably would have said that I was down 2-3 lbs. Also, I have no idea what's been happening the last 5 days or so... that's obviously a water weight anomaly, as is the peak at like 162 in February (that's when I was working nights and my body was all out of whack). Anyways, I'll take it. I have been working out a lot more since Feb, and this last month I've been stressed and probably eating less, but still. I've never had weight fall off me like that. I would not complain if I lost 10 more. 140 has always been a pipe dream for me, but if I keep this up it'll be doable. That would be delightful.

After that little revelation Andrew and I went on a quick bike ride because the weather was looking ominous and then I ate a huge salad, veggie burger and ice cream. Can't get too skinny all of a sudden :)

What's that? You're curious how my spider bite looks? Well you're in luck, I took a picture...

Not as big or deadly looking, not as painful, and the big red spot is gone. Hooray!

Today I'm gonna walk 5-ish miles with my mom and then go swim with my dad. It's a 'rest day' but since I'm not sticking to the schedule and both these activities are low impact, I'm ok with doing stuff.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


This is my 50th post! Hooray!

I have weirdly been itching to run a 5K. Andrew and I have one next week, but all the 5K's I've run since November (all 2 of them, plus a third next weekend) have been with him. While that's cool, I know he changes how races go for me so I'd like to do one on my own. The thing is, I have a wedding to go to Saturday afternoon and I don't want to be too far from home because I have LOTS of primping to do. My dress is super cute and I'm trying to make the rest of me presentable as well. I hate feeling rushed before big events, I get sweaty. Which is no different than every other day of my life, but this is my friend's wedding and I'll feel bad if I arrive smelling like a piggie.

Anyways, I've been looking for local 5k's in my tiny town. And I found one by the grace of Google... but I can't find their website. I found the donation pages for people in the race (its for the Special Olympics) and the meeting place, but not the start time. I'm really undecided. Do I go down to the race area on Saturday morning and just wander around, hoping I can register? Do I call it a wash and run a 5k by my lonesome? Decisions, decisions.

Yesterday's run should be entitled "I am a huge wuss who gets scared by dark clouds." It could actually be a series, as I take one look outside and immediately decide to go to the gym. I ran 4.6 (was supposed to do 5 but I did my hair wrong and since there wasn't any ventilation in the gym my ponytail was literally dripping... ew) and felt good. I watched Gilmore Girls and the beginning of Jurassic Park

... man that movie made me feel old. It came out when I was 8! And I remember it! I remember the general storyline, and thinking how cool science was, and being scared by the velociraptors. I also distinctly remember the music, and I can hum it to myself right now (or sing it. don't tell me I can't sing a song just because it doesn't have words!). That just might be because I played it in various band concerts for the rest of my life. In the end, the run was good and it didn't rain a drop while I was in the gym. It drizzled for 2 minutes as I was walking home and that was it. All show and no go, dark rain clouds. I'm disappointed.

Today I might run (it's on the schedule!), but Andrew has the afternoon off, so it would be nice if we could go bike together or something. We'll see!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rain run

Yesterday I went on a run, checking the radar map before I left. It didn't look like anything was imminently coming my way, although there was a slight chance of rain, so I headed out like normal. About 10 steps from my front door it started very lightly drizzling and continued on and off for the first 1.5 miles. It was not too bad and it was the kind of rain where it's really not dark out, just isolated clouds, so I even left my sunglasses on. On the way back from my turnaround point it started getting into what I'd actually call rain, and I got pretty damp but it was not the end of the world. I came home and did calf raises, planks and pushups.

I felt so great on the run yesterday, and I'm not sure why. I had made a conscious effort before I left to think positively, and not get into the "omg, I'm tired I'm not going to finish" spiral, and everytime those thoughts came up I just ignored them and focused on moving forward. It was nice and I ended the run super happy and fairly fast (for me).

Today I will... something. I'd like to go to a local state park and run a little, but since the weather's been crappy I worry the trails will be torn up. I might do it anyways. I'm riding a wave of positivity from yesterday.

As far as food- nothing too exciting here. The last couple days I've had these killer salads that are crazy filling, but I worry I'm not getting enough nutrients if I'm just eating a pile of lettuce, beans and cottage cheese. We'll see, I might look at the nutrition stats on what I'm actually eating and make sure I'm not feeling full but really just eating roughage and protein.

Oh AND because it's awesome, here is a picture of my spider bite:
Today it's a little more purple than that in the middle, and depending on time of day/activity level, the ring around the outside is more or less defined. Icky, I know.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I am only writing because my three harassers-I mean, readers- have prodded me to write. Fine. So. I biked yesterday? Last week was a complete wash as far as actually sticking to the schedule. I kinda sorta ran, but mostly just sat around and used life as an excuse for not doing anything. So therefore, not a lot to blog about.

I'm trying to make both better decisions about eating, but also trying to worry less. Like, make eating more intuitive (as the amazing Monica writes about). Then I read a post by Katie the other day and it hit home (I swear, I do actually work, I just use blogs as my mini mental breaks :) )... I miss not knowing the 'bad stuff' in food. I miss not knowing that the bad stuff even exists. I miss not having guilt for (insert fun food here). Granted, you can focus on healthy eating and not be neurotic about it, but sometimes I don't think I have that capability. I went to the movies with Andrew and I had eaten pretty healthy all day and was doing alright... but then we had popcorn. And every single bite I was thinking about the articles I had read about how awful it is for you. It was dark, so I couldn't contemplate the unnatural color of the 'butter,' but I could imagine it.

I guess I just want life to be easier, but that is not going to happen.

In other news, I have a crazy spider bite on my arm. All of the pictures I have of it are pretty terrible, but just google spider bite and you'll get a good idea. Actually DO NOT GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH SPIDER BITE. DON'T. Goodness gracious. That is just terrible. Mine does not look like any of those, its just a little pea-sized red bump with a maybe 2 inch red ring around it. And it hurts like crazy. I'm keeping an eye on it but the consensus is to just leave it be.

My 'cold' from last week persists. I still have a sore throat and mild to moderate stuffiness. I know. I'm whiny. It didn't really affect my biking but we'll see how running goes this afternoon.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I am having the damndest time adjusting to being back at home and at work. I had another horrible night's sleep, complete with sweating, tossing and turning, and waking up a hundred times. Ugh. Work today has been weird and sleepy and I just feel out of it. I like to think I'm fooling everyone into thinking I'm alive and functional, but I'm not sure it is working.

Yesterday I rode bikes with Andrew and we did 16.5ish miles. It was nice, perfect weather, sunshine, and we went a few places he hadn't been before that I had not been in a while. We had a humbling moment at the end when we realized our average pace was 13 mph... same as the folks who run 2 hour marathons.... yikes! And we were on bikes. Nothing quite like elite runners to remind you that you're mortal :)

Today my brother is graduating :) I'm excited to go to his graduation and am graciously sacrificing my run today to honor him. I'm so selfless sometimes. I've got a work thing that'll keep me here kind of late, so there's just not a lot of time. I think it'll be ok. I'm clearly not sticking to my schedule, but I'm ok with it. There's too many other things to stress about in my life right now.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Weekend Roundup

What? You say it's Wednesday, therefore way too late to round up a weekend? Tough.

I had a wine tasting for work Saturday. Lesson learned: I dislike sweet reds and oaky anything. I know oakiness is supposed to be amazing but it comes off as burnt-tasting to me. Icky. The rest of Saturday I was a waste of oxygen because I lazed about, then finally got myself to go for a run... only to encounter folks paving the road and the smell made me all cough-y. My inner laziness also made me cough-y. I only did like 10 minutes, then came home and played on Wii. I had my parents' animals to care for, so I did that. Sunday I had to get myself together and head up to a work thing in DC. I ran in the morning on the treadmill and did 6 miles... not what I needed to do, but better than nothing.

Work conference in DC was a lot of fun. Too much fun... we all stayed up too late and there was more beer than any of us needed. I also learned a lot? Sure...we'll go with that :) Monday morning I woke up with an uber sore throat, but I attributed that to not sleeping well because of the aforementioned beer. Then all day I felt sniffly. I woke up Tuesday morning feeling like death and again with the horrible sore throat. Again, I said, most likely because I didn't sleep enough and had some vino and beer and was at bars screaming over the music for hours... Last night, I could not sleep a wink. I played on my phone, took Tylenol PM, and still laid awake until midnight. I slept pretty terribly the rest of the night. I took today off of work, and good thing because I continue to feel like I have been hit by a bus. I have no appetite (that NEVER happens!) and my throat is scratchy and I am stuffy.

Whine whine. I think I'll try and do a couple easy miles on the treadmill and mostly just sit on my butt until I can sit no more. I  need to unpack and all that good stuff too. I'll also eat a salad because I did not get nearly enough green stuff at the conference. Unless you count a mojito.

Oh, fun fact- yesterday I got laser hair removal done on my underarms. I bought a groupon for 3 laser treatments for $99 ages ago and just now got around to using it. I was planning on it taking a long time, I guess since I'm hairy and I figured they would have to like, individually treat my follicles? Well, it took 3 minutes. The technician fired up this terrifying machine the size of a mini fridge that sounded like it was going to beam me up. Then she zapped each armpit with a thing the size of... I don't know, a hair dryer? 4 times. That was it. It hurt hardcore but was mostly just confusing. I wasn't there long enough to really have a chance to think about it too much. She said each treatment will remove like 15% of the hair permanently, and you need 6-8 treatments to have it be permanent. Today they're feeling slightly tender and slightly less hairy, so I'll go with it. Next appointment is in 9 weeks.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Why am I in this nutshell?

My weekend, in bullet points:
- No andrew here
-parents out of town. means that I have to spend at least 2 hours a day tending to my parents' birds, house and making sure my brother is staying out of trouble.
-2 work/social functions to go to today, one of which I am coordinating. But the one I'm coordinating is here:


   So I really can't complain about an afternoon in the countryside, tasting wine
-Have not gone grocery shopping.  despite the strong feeling that this means the world is ending (thanks, anxiety!), I have actually functioned and eaten just fine for the last 24 hours.
-Leaving Sunday afternoon through Tuesday night for a work conference. This work conference will involve very.important.people. and having meals and speaking intelligently to them. I'm actually not too freaked out. Yet.

Yesterday was a rest day. Today is a 5-miler (at some point... if the wine doesn't win). And tomorrow is a long run. I can do it.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tummy- part 2

My stomach has decided it hates me, so I'm just going to deal with it. My tummy *semi-TMI* reacts to everything-- changing food, running, stress, fluids-- so since I haven't been the most consistent with any of those things, I am not really surprised. I'll survive, but nausea and cramping are not the most fun. The best part of it (really) is that I also have the loudest stomach EVER. My noises can be heard from a distance, or in a room with people talking. It makes it a lot of fun to go to meetings. I think people think I have eaten a Gremlin whole.

Yesterday's run was actually pretty fun. I say 'actually' like there's someone forcing me to run. I know it's a choice I make, but some runs are just not as fun as others, that is a fact. I google mapped the route from my house to my parent's. Google told me it was 5.7 miles, and I was supposed to do 5 yesterday, so I said, alright, I will just run there since I needed to stop by anyways. Once I started running, though, I started going, oh no, what if I get sick/cold/it rains/I get tired? What if I can't run the whole way? What if I get hit by a car? I had my phone with me, so clearly the answer to any of those should have been, call someone, but for some reason the whole point to point thing psyched me out big time. Normally I run in the general vicinity of my start point, so I know I have the option of stopping at any time. I did fine, and it was a pleasant run, even with the mini-downpour that lasted about 3 minutes. Refreshing. As usual, my GPS on my phone was good for a laugh. It said I did 6.73 miles. In 50 minutes. Giddyup! It lies.

Today I will run... somewhere, somehow. I don't really have anything planned, and the weather will be beautiful. Three miles is pretty easy to bang out. Maybe I'll go do a trail run at the state park? That could be good.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Funny tummy

When I was little my family for some reason used the phrase 'funny tummy' when we had a stomach ache or otherwise upset stomach. I'm not sure why. I still use it because I'm weird. We (just me?) also called black olives "bean balls" because they sat on top of the refried beans I got at the Mexican restaurant we always went to. That term has also stuck with my family. Anyways, funny tummy. I've got one. I felt meh all day yesterday but went home and ran anyways. Afterwards, I just felt horrible and nauseous. I ate a salad with chickpeas and an egg for dinner but it still didn't sit right. This morning I'm still... not right. I don't know what I'm eating differently. Except brownies. There have been brownies. A few. But I didn't think it was enough to upset my stomach this much. Also, this morning the joints in my fingers are super swollen. Don't google nausea and swollen fingers. Not the most encouraging results.

Oh well, life goes on. My run was also weird because 1) it was hot and humid. My body's still not quite accustomed to that. 2) I got chased by a dog for like 100 yards. He was friendly and just It still threw off my run because I had to stop, deal with the dog, and also assure the passing police office that I was ok, really, I can handle a 40 pound dog. I have literally never seen a police officer that far down on my road and yesterday I saw 3 in a row. Was it a convention? Weird.

It is currently raining buckets. The running schedule has 5 miles today, and I will not hesitate to do those on the treadmill, although if it clears up like it says it is supposed to, it'll be nice and cool and pleasant today. We'll see how my tummy cooperates. Treadmill running is easier because it lets me zone out and if my stomach hurts that just might be the way to go.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


A.k.a dinner inspiration. I get in food ruts that I'm totally ok with and eat the same thing every week. Especially living with a meat-eater, finding things that work for both of us is hard, so when we find something that works, it gets put on repeat indefinitely. In my quest to change things up, I came up with breakfast for dinner as a new option. Sadly, Andrew and I don't eat our eggs the same way and I don't eat bacon, so it was really us eating totally different stuff, but made from one similar ingredient, eggs. Teeny, tiny victory right there. Anyways, I love scrambled eggs, but I thought I should add some carbs to dinner too, and in the shower it came to me....

breakfast burrito! 

I know. Brilliance. It was delicious, eggs, cheddar and salsa in a burrito. Yummy.

Yesterday was day 1 of actually adhering to my running schedule, so the week is supposed to look like this:

May 2-8cross3 m run5 m run3 m runrest5 m run8

I actually felt like running yesterday, but the schedule said cross train, so I geared up to go elliptical... and then Andrew reminded me that the weather was amazing and that I could go outside and bike. So I did. And it was great. I rarely ever regret doing something outside, especially when the weather is as glorious as it has been. I biked 35 minutes.

I'm thinking I'll make one of my two short runs this week an interval one. Either today or Thursday, weather depending. I'm also wanting one of the shorter runs to have hills. I know hills and intervals are keys to increasing speed, so hopefully tossing in a couple of those will benefit me in the long run.

Again, food is boring, so here's another picture, from the motorcycle ride this weekend:

I'm self-concious about how chipmunk-y my face looks when I have the helmet on, so I didn't smile. And ended up looking fearful. It happens.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh weekend...

You do such strange things to me. Mostly just make my sleep super confusing. Saturday morning we were up early- like weekday early- to go do Christmas in April. We went to a house where Andrew and I both did yardwork. He was mostly hoisting and hauling mulch, I raked and planted at least 50 little pansy plants. I planted so many, and there were still tons leftover so I took some and gave them to my parents to raise. They are much better plant parents than I am. I was exhausted Saturday night so we crashed relatively early then slept for almost 12 hours. Glorious. Yesterday was a long motorcycle ride, followed by a really poorly timed nap that dovetailed into an early bedtime. NOT the most restful night of sleep of my life, as my body woke up around 2:30am and said, alright, you've been in bed for 7 hours, time to get up! I stifled that urge, although not very well, and dozed off and on until my real wake up time.

I did not do a long run this weekend. Fail on my part, but it just did not fit in the schedule of events, and my body was tired from all my other activities. I'm SORE today from Christmas in April plus riding. My left foot and left hip are the only things really bothering me. I'm thinking that's just from holding my legs in an unfamiliar position for so long. Today I will run, most likely inside, although possibly outside if the rain holds off.

My food is so boring. Here's a picture from the hike from last weekend instead:

That's pretty much how we walk around all the time.

And another one, now with my dad included:
I look surprisingly gangly there. I knew Andrew had monkey arms but never realized I do too :)