Friday, April 15, 2011

Why yes,

...I did squander a completely beautiful weather day because I felt like watching tv instead of watching my surroundings. It was gloriously sunny and just the right temperature for a bike ride. But that seemed like too much effort and I really didn't feel like wearing sunscreen, so I went to the gym instead. I am realllly lazy sometimes. Unfortunately, I was punished for my laziness by having some company at the gym... very very very chatty company. I don't mind chatting, and if you have a question about the show I'm watching, sure, but carrying on a real convo? I'm trying to get a workout happening, not conducive to chatting. I made a show of how hard I was breathing and tried to be really absorbed in HGTV (someday, I too will have $90,000 to spend on a really ugly bathroom remodel... with shag carpeting?!). It really doesn't kill me to talk to another person, it just wasn't really on my agenda.

I did "550 calories," somewhere around 32 minutes...then came home and did the strength training I wrote about yesterday. I wrote that last night because I have a habit of starting with like 40 crunches, ramping up over time to 60some, then completely forgetting and starting back over again at 40. I'm trying to actually steadily increase for once in my life.

Pre-dinner snack last night was cottage cheese and V8, followed by corn and pasta for dinner. Yummy.

Food today is already weird! Hold on to your hats.
Breakfast: leftover rice pilaf from the other night, egg and banana
Morning snack: cheese, apple
lunch: probably pierogies and veggies. we'll see
Afternoon snack: TBD
dinner: TBD

I only have to work for a few hours to reach my quota for the week, so I'll leave pretty early, hopefully walk with my mom (if she's feeling friendly), and do lots of errand type stuff. Maybe go be social tonight, maybe just spend time with Andrew.

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