Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend fun

I have a weird internal anxiety thing where I feel the need to know what's going on. Every. Single. Minute. Also, I feel the need to know weeks ahead of time. For whatever reason, when I get freaked out when something comes up, like suddenly I need body wash and it means a trip to the store. Even if I have time to go to the store, and it totally doesn't change my life, it stresses me out and irritates me. I'm crazy.

This is relevant, I swear.

So anyways, this is why having my training schedule for the marathon planned WAY ahead of time is awesome. I have 30 weeks (!!!!) of workouts in a spreadsheet, just ready to be crossed off. LOVE. It is not surprising that 3 Saturdays from now I have a 9 mile long run. I can mentally prepare (or mentally psych myself out.. or both) starting now! I can mentally prepare for 2 20-milers in September/October. No surprises! However, it means that if/when life starts happening and getting in the way of training, I'm going to be a mess. That's why I made my workout schedule 12 weeks longer than it needs to be, so I can get in the groove of daily workouts wayyy ahead of time and treat them as appointments that cannot be missed.

This brings me to last week. My schedule. I ignored it. Look at me, being all rebellious. I ran and cross trained and generally stayed active, but I didn't actually do what was on the sheet... and I'm ok with it. Mostly. This weekend is a good example of generally ignoring the schedule and trying to go with the flow. Saturday I reallllly wanted to get up early, either run or bike, then head to see my dad launch rockets (check it out here. super cool), then see a DC United game at night. I had my insane, down to the quarter hour schedule alllll lined up. Then, I was sleepy. And the weather was bad. And staying in bed was so much more tempting... so I did. Instead, Andrew and I slowly awoke and I went to the gym for 4 miles on the treadmill. Then we successfully unloaded almost everything from my storage unit, except the big stuff that needs a truck to move. It was a major to-do list check off, so I'm really happy it got done.

Sunday was yet another 'I swear I'm going to wake up early' days, but Saturday night had other ideas. So, another slow moving morning, but we did eventually get up and go see my dad's rockets. It was a lot of fun, the weather was really nice, and we did a good amount of walking around fields looking for lost rockets. Not my intended workout, but it was fun nonetheless. The highlight/lowlight was when one of the big rocket's parachutes did not deploy and it came down in the middle of the spectating/parking area, right next to the guys who were grilling burgers. Like, RIGHT next to them. It made a really deep hole and scared the bejeezus out of everyone.

And because I feel like blogs with pictures are more interesting, here's a huge salad I had Saturday afternoon.

It was delicious. It's tons of mixed greens, cucumbers, broccoli, carrots, and a pile of cottage cheese. Good and good for you.

Since it's a return to healthiness week here, my food schedule:
Breakfast: banana, egg, yogurt
morning snack: apple, cheese
lunch: WILD CARD! I have a lunch meeting, so if the food there is edible/vegetarian, it'll be that. If not, I brought soup.
afternoon snack: granola bar/veggies/orange/peanuts. Hopefully not all of those... but again, we'll see what lunch looks like.
dinner: dont really know. Veggie burgers and salad? maybe?

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