Thursday, April 28, 2011


My posts all have exactly the same theme. Why do they all need different titles? I'm unoriginal.

Yesterday it RAINED. There was thunder, lightning, and torrential downpouring right before I left work, so I was thinking it would be an indoor workout day. Then it cleared up and it was a glorious, although humid afternoon. Andrew had a surprise evening off, so we went for a bike ride, around 5.4 miles to my parents house and back, with a long break in the middle. It was pretty good, just a little windy, and on the way there we kept being interrupted by emergency vehicles on their way to a motorcycle accident (my dad whipped out his internet police scanner... keeping it classy). The young man on the motorcycle was airlifted out, so we got to see the helicopter leaving and everything. Scary, definitely the bad kind of exciting.

I volunteered at the Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore for almost 2 years in college and it seemed like 80% of the folks who were brought in were young, male motorcycle accident victims. At the time I was dating a young, male, motorcycle rider, so I ended up crying a lot at that job. I'm currently dating a young, male motorcycle rider (a different one, but still) who is very skilled and safe but it still makes me worry a lot.

On that note. How about dinner? I had a big salad with cottage cheese and a tortilla. I was considering taco bell with Andrew but I couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger on that much processed food, and I knew I'd feel better if I stuck with stuff that's a little kinder to my body.

Today I think I'll run inside, maybe something quick but short? I know I've talked about using Hal Higdon's Intermediate I training schedule.. you will see from yesterday's post that I extended the duration from 18 weeks to (originally) 30 weeks. I figure extra training never hurt anyone. I'm just not adhering to it, really, just yet because I don't want to overtrain and end up with shin splints or another injury, so I'm still in the 'upping my mileage while still mixing it up a bit' stage. I really need to commit, now, to running 5 days a week, but I'm not quite there yet. Maybe next week? I'll definitely try and do a long run this weekend though.

Food.. the usual. Use your imagination :)

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