Friday, April 8, 2011

Swimming, swimming, in a swimming pool...

Old Girl Scout song reference. I am awesome.

Swimming yesterday was wonderful, as always. I did the following:
1x 200 free on 4:00
2x 100 breast then back on 2:00
3x 50 kick on 1:30
3x 50 pull on 1:30

Then repeat. Plus 200 cooldown. 1600 meters=1 mile. Yay. There were some silly youngish boys in the lane next to me discussing how they were going to swim a mile continuously. They were not successful. Swimming is surprisingly tiring. My body was oddly achy last night (quads, neck) and today (upper back, abs). Weird. Could be because I ate half a small pizza and drank beer for dinner last night. Mayyyybeeee not the best choice. Just maybe.

Today... who knows. Its looking rainy (surprise surprise, spring in Maryland), so I'm not sure walking with my mom will happen, but I have said that the last few weeks and it has always worked out ok. If I don't walk, I'll play on the Wii and do the step thing or something, just to be a little active.

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