Tuesday, April 26, 2011


It is finally starting to feel like summer, which means heat and humidity are ramping up. I'm a big sweater, so I like to think my body is super efficient at removing heat, but I think it is really that I'm just a sweaty person. I am not really looking forward to the extra effort it feels like I have to expend to run in the sticky heat, but I hope my body will get accustomed to it quickly.

Yesterday I did intervals on the treadmill at the gym. The program was set for 8 intervals, top speed 7.5 with 1% grade, slow speed 5.0 with 0% grade. I did the first 6 with no problem but I felt what I thought was hunger when I was at the high speed, and felt fine at low speed. The last 2 intervals I did pretty slow, then cooled down with a mile at 5.5. During that last mile I started feeling like butt, and slowly came to realize I was not going to keep down whatever non-food I had in my stomach. So I puked. It was the least fun kind of puking because I didn't have anything in my stomach, and I didn't feel any better afterwards. I hobbled home and showered and had dinner, still feeling pretty meh. Dinner was tacos, plus black beans for fun and iron.

I didn't have really restless legs last night, I had like restless body syndrome where I had tons of trouble getting the right body position/temperature. I also dreamt I was swimming in a weird swimsuit that zips up the front, then I was stuck in a rowboat and told to row across the East River in NY at night. I had this huge heavy blanket and the boat kept filling up with water and I kept rowing in circles and telling the people around me "it's ok, I'm just getting the feel of the boat." I ran into a lot of walls. I don't want to even consider the symbolism of all that, it could get deep... pun intended :)

Today I'm gonna do 4 miles outside, as slowly or quickly as the heat indicates I should run.

Food is...
breakfast: O's, banana, egg, muffin
snack: apple, cheese, another muffin
lunch: pizza, veggies
snack: peanuts, orange
dinner: tbd

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