Thursday, April 7, 2011


I am always jealous of people who say "oh I was so busy today, I just forgot to eat!" or "I never eat breakfast! just not hungry when I wake up!" Who are these people? Where do they come from? How do they survive? Can I borrow some metabolism tricks? My stomach tells me to eat immediately upon waking. Here is a true story: this morning I got up, showered and got dressed like I always do. I wanted to wear a particular necklace, but it was intimately intertwined with another necklace. So I went about detangling them... and gave up after about 5 minutes BECAUSE I WAS HUNGRY. I was literally too hungry to go on detangling those necklaces. That made me laugh at myself, but also wonder about those people who 'forget' to eat. I truly cannot ever imagine being one of those people. I've been too busy to get a chance to eat, or, like, in the middle of the desert, far from civilazation and physically incapable of eating, but I am unable to ignore my hunger signals for long enough to ever 'forget.' This is why I will never look like a supermodel. I'm ok with that.

Yesterday I ran. For 16 minutes. Then I saw Andrew was coming home early, and I was more excited to see him than I was to run, so I went home. I'm not heartbroken about it, although I wish I had been a little more committed to running. My legs felt mediocre. I came home, did 40 bicycles x 2, 40 leg lifts x 2, 11 tricep dips x 2 and 25 plie squats x 2. My half hearted strength training will pay off with half hearted muscle definition one of these days :)

Today is swimming day! Hooray! I'm hoping to do the same workout as last week, but plus a little extra distance. I love swimming.

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