Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Same old, same old

As expected, I was tired and swam lazily last night. I could not get into a groove where I felt comfortable enough with pacing to actually do repeats, so I just did random distances and strokes. I didn't have a kickboard or a pull buoy, so I only did full on swimming. Confession: asking teenagers for things makes me uncomfortable. Example: teenage lifeguards at the pool scare me, and I'm hesitant to ask them where they keep stuff like kickboards, and I have yet to see anyone else go retrieve them from somewhere. I am so lame. All my swimming added up to 1300 meters (I think?) so I'm ok with that. Not stellar but it was alright.

I'm feeling like I've eaten entirely too much this week, and this Friday is a bit of a local drinking holiday, so I know I'll be taking in extra calories in the form of fruity alcoholic things. Booo me. At least I'm planning ahead? I'm thinking long-ish run just because I need to get good cardio in so as to not feel whale-y. We'll see what the weather has to say and how my legs are feeling. My upper body is SORE from sweeping yesterday, but it's a good sore. Nice to use some different muscles. My left quad is still incredibly achy and I'm not sure why. Hopefully that works itself out.

Yesterday's dinner was half a pizza, big salad with cottage cheese (if I'm going to eat these huge salads, I need to go food shopping more!), and an egg. Surprisingly, the pizza was not a huge calorie suck, because it was thin crust. And delicious.

Today's food:
Breakfast: yogurt, banana, egg
snack 1: apple, cheese
lunch: tomato soup, veggies, tortilla?
afternoon snack: peanuts, orange
after work afternoon snack: granola bar, egg
dinner: TBD.

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