Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I've had a few... Mostly that I'm too old/drink too rarely/have a broken liver and cannot handle even ONE beer on a week night. I went out with Andrew for a friend's going away party last night and had my one beer after dinner, came home and went to bed at a reasonable hour, then tossed and turned and barely slept until 12:30, when I got up to use the bathroom. Sleep was good after that. I'm not complaining that I'm a lightweight/cheap date, but really, I feel like a grown up should be ok with one beer. I didn't feel any more than a tiny bit buzzed, but my sleep was super disturbed. Upsetting.

I ran last night for 4 miles, slowish but not super slow. It was windy, and somehow my headwind on the way out was still a headwind on the way back... unfair. My legs felt good, the weather was not too oppressive (though cars that passed me might have thought otherwise given my sweatiness), and overall it was enjoyable. Then I did 3 x 1:15 wall sits, 2 x 1:15 plank plus another minute, 26 x 3 sideways leg things, and 12 x 3 pushups. My lower back hurts big time, I think from overdoing it on the planks. Dinner was a big salad, some leftover taco fake meat, and 4 rice cakes. My meal timing was a little screwy because I was starving right after running, so I was hungry again a couple hours later.

Today I'll either bike outside or elliptical inside...or something. Its supposed to be super windy, but tomorrow it is supposed to thunderstorm, so I'd like to get some outside workouts in while the weather is favorable. We'll see how my tiredness goes today.

Food.. the usual.
breakfast/morning snack: insert yesterday's
lunch: lentil soup, muffin, veggies
afternoon snack: yesterday's
dinner: pasta?

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