Monday, April 18, 2011


Normally I'm not an "I hate Mondays, they're sooo terrible" person, but today, wow, I totally am. I had an interesting weekend. I got to spend tons of time with Andrew, going out on Friday night, museum and mall (!!!) on Saturday. Here's a picture from the Udvar-Hazy Center, part of the Air and Space Museum:

Sunday was time for general laziness/errands. I also was feeling miserable and sick all day, so it did not rank amongst my top Sunday Fundays. To top it off, this morning at work we're having 'biometric screening' meaning that we have nice folks from the local hospital coming in to take our height, weight, blood pressure, and draw blood for cholesterol and blood sugar values. Sweet, right? The big HOWEVER is that it meant I had to fast for at least 10 hours. I couldn't even have coffee. Andrew and I were hungry early, so we had Chinese at around 6pm, and I had a big salad with cheese at 7... and then NOTHING ELSE until 8am. I was fading fast during my first hour at work this morning. I normally eat dinner by 8pm and then am awake and eating breakfast by 6, so this was absolute misery.

That brings us to weekend workouts... not so much. Friday I walked with my mom then went for a leisurely bike ride with Andrew. Saturday was a planned off day, and Sunday was an obligatory off day because I felt so much like death, and by the time I felt better I was all caught up in errands and productivity. Today I'm thinking I'll run because it's supposed to be glorious out. We'll see if the weekend illness holds off though.

Breakfast: ridiculously delayed granola bar, yogurt, and banana
morning snack: cheese, apple
lunch: leftover chinese, veggies
Afternoon snack: orange, peanuts
later afternoon: granola bar/tortilla/crackers or something. maybe an egg.
dinner: TBD, pasta would be easy, but I have not consulted with my better half, so that remains to be seen.

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