Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I need to buy an elliptical...

I successfully made it to the 'gym' yesterday! Hooray! I was worried that my equipment hog friends would be there and there wouldn't be any machines to work out on, but I was pleasantly surprised. I did have a buddy there, however, and she made a special request that I not turn on the TV because 'her life is noisy enough as it is.' Bah. Fine. I concede, because I am nice. jk. I just can't stand confrontation, I'm not really nice at all.

I did the elliptical for '600 calories' which really means like 300 (around 38 minutes, 40 with cool down). That thing overestimates calories like nobody's business. I felt awesome, despite being bored out of my mind. My ankle didn't feel funny the whole time (and feels much better overall this morning), and my legs felt capable. Happy day. I have been researching elliptical machines and treadmills, because even though I don't really see myself buying either soon, a girl can dream. They're not uber expensive, and I feel like I would slightly intimidate visitors if I put them in the living room, where they could greet everyone. And take up all the floor space. After I got back from the gym I did wall sits 1:10 x 2, planks 1:10 x 2, and pushups.. don't laugh, I did 10 x 2. That's a lot for me.

I'm not putting food on here because 1) I've been eating pretty poorly and am not down with sharing the fact that my snacks yesterday consisted of multiple fun size! candy bars (Monday was Cadbury day) and 2) I eat the same thing every day, with small variations. I'm taking this week off eaing nutritiously, but next week I will be back with a vengeance. Or just fewer fun sized things.

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  1. Buy a Erg. Better workout and you get a better machine for your money.

    You could always workout at the gym at work.