Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I lack creativity

In choosing blog post titles. Yesterday's swimming was decent, but since I was supposedly 'not doing a workout' just trying to get yardage in, I sort of lost track of how far I actually went. I'm pretty sure it was around 1700 meters, but I'm not 100%. It was defnitely greater than 1500, less than 1850. I'm good with that, I do love swimming.

My restless legs are getting a little ridiculous, last night I needed to get up and walk around to calm them, and even then they wouldn't stop. Then I had weird dreams where I was shampooing my hair with something called "Going Out" shampoo. What does that even mean? I remember turning the bottle around in my dream shower and encountering the directions/description in like 25 languages and being frustrated I couldn't read it in English. I'm a crazy person.

Today I attempted to give blood, and my iron was super duper low. Grrr. I know the whole vegetarian thing puts a damper on my iron levels, but I've been eating a balanced diet lately and I figured I'd be ok. I need to eat more lentils.

Dinner last night was tacos, salad, and then an egg because I was still starving. I woke up ravenous too (sometimes I can shower before eating breakfast, sometimes I just can't make it those 15 minutes and need a banana right when I get out of bed).

Food today!
breakfast: banana, egg, cottage cheese
snack: the usual
lunch: pizza most likely, I have a meeting
snack(s): the usual
dinner: pasta?

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