Thursday, April 14, 2011

hungry hungry

I have been sleeping so terribly this week. I have restless legs syndrome and it has gotten way worse since I have been working out more often. I took Mirapex for about a year and it helped, but it made me groggy and I hated taking a pill every day. I don't drink caffeine after about 10am any longer, and most nights I don't have any alcohol. Those are two common environmental triggers. I may also have low iron levels, so I should probably address that. It has been super bothersome this week, making falling asleep and staying asleep impossible. I keep waking up and laying there, twitching, for 10 or 15 minutes before I can fall back asleep. Despite not sleeping well, I haven't been able to sleep the extra hour after Andrew leaves in the morning either, so I've been getting up early and maxing out at 7 hours.. I need more than that!

This is all to say my energy levels have not been stellar. My run yesterday was alright, but I was definitely counting down the minutes at the end. I did 33 minutes plus another 7 run 1/walk 1 to cool down. Then I did 1:15 wall sit x 2 and 1:15 plank x 2 plus 13 pushups then 14. Arms were pretty tired after that, and my lower abs are a bit sore today. My quad seems to be doing better though. Today I want to elliptical, depending on what time I get out of work. Hopefully do 45 minutes then some ab stuff.

A combination of boredom and hunger keeps derailing my best eating efforts. Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised by lunch being served at a meeting, so I had 3 pieces of veggie pizza. I have had pizza every day this week! I ate beaucoup afternoons snack as well.  I had V8 when I got home, 3 rice cakes after my run, and then big salad and veggie chili with cheese for dinner.

Today's food... boring ish.
breakfast: plain Chobani, egg, banana
snack 1: granola bar, cheese, apple
lunch: soup, tortilla, veggies
afternoon snack: peanuts, orange
after run snack: egg? maybe. rice cakes
dinner: pasta with marinara, steamed broccoli (we're out of salad because I've been eating it a pound at a time :) )

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