Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First WARM run

Yesterday was not the first really warm day we've had here, but it's my first really warm run of the year. My first drippy sweat in the eyes kind of run. It was lovely. I did 30 minutes then 5 minutes cool down of 1 min jog/1 min walk. The run felt good, and the sunshine on my face was just what I needed. Then I came home and did 44 bicycles x 2, 42 leg lifts x 2, 12 tricep dips x 2, and 33 plie squats. The squats might explain why my left quad is achy. It's just mildly sore, not killer.

Today at work was clean up day! Some backstory: my place of work covers a lot of area, and it tends to get dusty. So, a few times a year, they make the entire workforce perform janitorial duties. Not a big deal, and its a nice change from the regular scheduled work activities. Today's weather is the opposite of yesterday- it is chilly and threatening rain, but somehow while I was using a push broom in a really well ventilated building, I was still ridiculously sweaty. That is my lot in life, the sweaty girl. I kept having to take off my safety glasses because I was dripping sweat in them. Ick. That lasted around 3.5 hours. Not a bad morning 'workout.' Got me out of my cubicle and active for a while.

Tonight- swimming! I'm tired as can be (clean-up day also means 6am arrival at work... ugh), so we'll see how swimming goes. I'd like to increase my workout distance at least a little bit, but if not I'll be ok with a more leisurely workout.

Eating... weird. Yesterday's lunch was 3 pieces of Pizza Hut, and I also ate every one of the snacks I brought to work (granola bar, peanuts, orange, etc). Once I got home I had V8, an egg and a snack-y sized bag of sunchips. I originally reached for rice cakes, but I knew that would end up with me eating 80 of them and still feeling hungry. Dinner was a veggie burger and huge salad with cottage cheese.

Today's food... weird. I knew I'd have breakfast and lunch provided, so... I got confused.
1st breakfast: banana, egg
2nd breakfast: V8, another banana, little granola bar
3rd breakfast: peanuts
Lunch: pasta salad and potato salad (my work place doesn't know how to feed vegetarians.. arg), mini ice cream, apple, string cheese, tiny Dove chocolate
afternoon snack: veggies, orange?
dinner: TBD... I'd hate to have more pasta but it might happen.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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