Friday, April 29, 2011


Yesterday's run was just utter ridiculousness. First, some pertinent backstory. This week has been thunderstorm week, and although my corner of Maryland did not get hit with the dangerous weather that the south did, we got some crazy storms. One of those was yesterday afternoon. Also, I've been moving out of my storage unit because it's basically a waste of $88/month that could definitely be going elsewhere. I've sold several things on craigslist over the last week, and last night was the final piece to be sold.

I go the gym because of the aforementioned storms. I'm chugging along on the treadmill, pleased with my life, when the TV in the gym loses satellite signal. No biggie, until about 2 minutes later when the power suddenly goes out and I fall sideways onto the armrail on the gym when the treadmill stops abruptly. Painful, but survivable. The power comes back on almost immediately, so I start everything back up, walk a little, then get back to running. Maybe 10 minutes later, a phone call from the person I'm selling my couch to, so I slow the treadmill down again. "Hey, I'll be there in 30, does that work?" I say sure, mentally note the time and continue on my merry way. I figured I still had 15 minutes to run before I needed to leave and meet her. The very instant I get back up to speed, the power flickers, then goes out AGAIN. This time I didn't fall, but swear words ensue. It comes back on, and decide to give the treadmill one last chance to give me a workout. It looked like the worst of the storm had passed, so I figured I'd at least cool down really well then head out. Again, I got back up to speed and the girl buying the couch called... "umm actually we're a lot closer than I thought, can you meet me in 10 minutes." I was 10 minutes away, drenched in sweat and still panting, and I said to hell with propriety, I'm selling a couch, not going to dinner. She can handle sweatiness.

The couch got sold, and I ran somewhere around 4 miles, with all my short segments added up. I've done worse. It was a flustering experience, but it still got done! Today I'll walk with my mom (thunderstorms seem to have ceased for the time being) and maybe bike ride. Tomorrow is Christmas in April, a community event to help do maintenance and repair work on the houses of folks who aren't as capable of making those repairs any longer. I signed up for yard work, so that'll be a fun, active day.

And.. that's it. Happy Friday!

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