Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Days of rest

My rest days from the weekend apparently rejuvenated my legs big time, because my 40 minute run yesterday felt great. I didn't even really think about it until a lot later in the evening when it dawned on me, "hey, that was a really pleasant run!" It sounds silly, but I've been having some mental blocks lately (since the 10-miler, since it was such a crappy race for me), and just having a good time running again is a big thing. I just went on random streets around the apartment, did not measure my route. Then I came back and did 3 wall sits x 1:05-1:10, 3 planks 1:00-1:10, pushups 3 x 12, and sideways leg lifts 2 x 30 each leg.

A funny part of the run was my music source (my phone), which was playing Pandora, kept suddenly changing the playback speed of the music. It would go from normal playback, where the song sounded like it always does, to Chipmunk speed (hilarious), then to super duper slow (less hilarious because I'm pretty sure when the bpm decreased, so did my leg turnover). I have no idea why that happened, but I hope it is not a sign that my phone is going down the tubes. It gets a little sweaty if I hold it while I run, maybe I need to use the armband more?

At biometric screening yesterday there was a raffle to win a lunch bag filled with 'healthy' stuff like hand sanitizer, a water bottle, a salad container, and subway giftcards. My dad (who works at the same company as me) won one and gave bits of it to me. Yay! The salad container is a really cute idea.. maybe it will encourage me to bring salads to work. I avoid that normally because carrying dressing gets messy. The green lid is filled with 'freezer gel' so it keeps your stuff chilly, and the top white part holds dressing. All the lids screw on, so you don't have to worry as much about leakage through a faulty seal. Hopefully. If I end up using it I'll let everyone know how it works.

Tonight is swimming night, as Tuesdays tend to be. I'm aiming for high meterage (yardage? lengthage?) instead of doing a set workout, just swimming and trying to enjoy. We'll see though, I haven't gotten to where I have a good mental game plan for swimming yet.

Dinner last night was a salad and half a pizza. Still hungry after half a pizza. I am a bottomless pit of hunger.

Food today:
Breakfast: egg, cottage cheese, banana
snack: cheese, apple
lunch: lentil soup, granola bar, veggies
afternoon snack: peanuts, orange
dinner: tacos and salad? most likely.

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