Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Unaccounted for

Random thing I didn't think about when I embarked on this whole "get better at running" thing: the laundry. 5-6 days a week, I am dirtying extra shorts, socks, shirt, bra, and jacket/extra shirt sometimes. That adds up. And all my tech shirts, shorts and bras can't be put in the dryer, so I'm hanging random pieces of clothing up to dry all over the extra bedroom. It's clearly not a big deal (might even be the opposite of a big deal :) ), it is just something I really hadn't thought about or set aside time for. I have a laundry schedule (me? a schedule? never!) and it needs some tweaking or else Andrew and/or I will end up running out of clothes semi-regularly.

Other scenario lacking a contingency plan- shower frequency and how it will affect my skin/hair/life. Since I can't bring myself to work out in the mornings, I shower before work, work all day, run/bike/whatever, then need to shower again. I'm a big sweater (one who sweats, not a knit shirt made of wool), so my hair is usually pretty icky by the time I'm done with whatever workout, and it needs a good rinse. If I'm done working out at 6, showered by 7, and want to go to bed at 9:30... my hair is not dry before bed! Egads!  I have the worst time getting to sleep with wet hair, its just uncomfortable to me. I've tried towel drying it to death, and also just not rinsing it. Both seem to make it better, but I'm still either damp/stinky.

But wait, I have more First World problems! All these many showers have also killed my skin. After swimming yesterday I was like a crazy lizard. I was flaky as can be, which I know was mostly from the chlorine but definitely not helped out by all the showers. Need better moisturizer.

Soooo swimming. Oh how I love swimming! I didn't really have a workout in mind before I started but ended up doing
3x100 swim (free, breast, back)
3x50 kick (flutter, breast, back)
3x50 pull (same)

times 2. I did the swimming on 2:00 intervals, although I should have done 1:45 or 1:30 but the math is way easier if I just do 2 mins. The kicking and pulling 1:30 intervals. Plus 150 free cooldown. Total: like 33 minutes of 'swimming' plus resting, but only 1350 meters. I felt very happy to be swimming, but my arms were very sad to be working so hard. Overall, felt like a pretty good workout. Nice to be doing something different.

Today, who knows. I'm trying to listen to my body as far as achiness/muscle freshness, and my legs are giving me the go ahead. They feel really good. Depending on weather, I will do 2 slow, steady miles then some sprints either on the treadmill or outside. They're calling for snow, so we'll see :(

Last night's food: I forgot to eat before I left work, so I was starving by the time swimming was over. I had a Kashi granola bar on the way home from the pool, then a big salad with black beans and some pasta with sauce. Yummy. I then folded clothes for like 45 minutes. So. Many. Clean. Clothes.

Today's food. No surprises here:
Breakfast: cottage cheese, egg, banana
Snack: cheese, kashi bar (only 3 left! I will be rid of you soon!), apple
Lunch: bean/rice thing, veggies
snack: peanuts, orange, maybe tortilla if I'm hungry
Dinner: MAYBE making vegetarian chili, plus the usual salad. Depends on what I end up doing workout-wise.

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