Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday feels so much like Monday.

Yesterday was 60 mins cross training. I planned on zoning out on the elliptical for an hour because my body is sore/achy all over, but my 'gym' is the little workout room in the clubhouse of my apartment complex, so that meant that when there are ANY other people there, I am most likely not going to get the machine I want. There are 2 treadmills, 2 bikes, and one very very squeaky elliptical. There was a mother there with her 2 daughters, and they were doing some weird sharing of equipment thing, and taking up 3/5 of the equipment. So I sucked it up, walked home, and went on a bike ride. Dare I say, best decision ever? It was lovely and cloudy with just a little breeze. I bike to the island and back and was surprised that was only around 20 minutes.. what to do...? repeat! Unfortunately, that route takes me around a bunch of traffic, pedestrian and vehicular. Even though we have lots and lots of bikes and walkers around me, people still seem confused. Note to drivers: I would rather you pass me a little fast than lurk behind me for a half mile (this is true whether I am biking or running). It makes me feel rushed and like I'm about to get run over. no good.

Dinner last night was surprising. I set out to make brown rice for the week and ended up adding leftover veggie stock and 3 cans of beans (beans were on sale/I had a coupon). For flavoring I doused it in chili powder and Old Bay. Mmm Old Bay. It ended up being yummy, and a really good consistency but super duper salty. Meh. Not my proudest moment. It made a TON. 3 lunch-sized containers plus one enormo container that probably has 4 more servings in it. I froze all but one and brought it for lunch today. I had the bean/rice thing for dinner with a veggie burger and big green salad... and another glass of wine ;) Andrew had Mac and Cheese from a box which smelled surprisingly yummy, but was oranger than I am comfortable eating. I also did not end up eating anything when i got home from work because I was absorbed in starting the rice. But I did eat a fun size Butterfinger before I left work. I am happy to report it was Fun. Truth in advertising.

Today's workout is 5 miles, which I will do outside (if the weather cooperates) in my new shoes. I will be careful not to get them too dirty right off the bat. I am vain, and I spent good money on them.

Today's food schedule... looks almost exactly like yesterday's. Don't judge.
Breakfast: Banana, siggi's, egg
morning snack: apple, granola bar, cheese
lunch: bean/rice thing, huge thing of veggies
afternoon snack 1: orange and peanuts
Late afternoon and dinner: TBD.

Bad habit confession: I will graze on the most random foods if I don't have something substantial to eat. I end up eating made up meals like applesauce/tortilla/beans, and calling that dinner. I know nutritionally it works, but I feel like a 6 year old. When I lived by myself I often made 2 enormous things of food, like chili and a pasta/veggie dish, then just rotated them for 2 weeks. This makes it so I don't have to cook/chop/clean dishes as often. However, there's a couple problems with that plan:
1) I do not have an unlimited supply of tupperware
2) Andrew and I have way different eating habits and food preferences, so if I make a bunch of food for myself, I will end up not eating with him. Which sucks.

I will figure this out. Somehow.

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