Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I get to go back to working dayshift! So excited! I'm sort of transitioning by working a half day today, then leisurely sleeping/chilling and taking off work the next two days. I will miss the 8 hours I've been getting every night, but being able to be a normal person again will be great :)

Last night (this morning, whatever..) I did a leisurely 5 miles. I started off watching Family Guy, because time passes quickly with mindless TV, and the next show on was Robot Chicken... I think I need someone to explain that show. I laughed, but I was mostly confused. That is a strange, strange program. I'm not sure how I have never seen it, but now I can say I have. 2 episodes... and they're only 15 minutes? I have so many questions.

Tonight is 45 mins of cross training. I biked the other night and it made my right hip and my calves hurt like crazy. I've had weird hip pain before, so I'm gonna power through that, and I think the calves are just sore/tight from doing a different activity. As much as I hate the elliptical, it seems to be better for my joints than the stationary bike. I hope the same is not true Also with the end of my crazy work schedule, it means I won't have candy/cookies/ice cream/nonsense at my fingertips constantly and I can eat like I normally do. I rarely buy that sort of stuff for myself, but apparently having it around for 12 hours a day meant it was all I ate. Poor nutrition. However, one thing I rediscovered my love for was rice cakes. mmm rice cakes! They are my version of tortilla chips. I could eat 10 of them.

I cannot wait to wake up tomorrow and go outside in the sunshine! I'm scheduled for 3 miles and you better believe they will be outside. I don't care if it's 10 degrees, this is happening.

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