Thursday, March 31, 2011

Too much taper?

Yesterday I was a big old slug. I got home from work, feeling good and optimistic. I made chili! Right after I got home! And then apparently decided that would be my one accomplishment for the day. I got dressed for the gym- trying to ignore the fact that it wasn't actually raining out so I had no excuse to work out inside- then found out that there were 3 other girls in the gym, using all the machines. So my lazy ass took that as a sign that I didn't need to work out. I would go home and play on the Wii and call it a day. Disregard that I was planning on actually RUNNING, and the Wii is to running as non-fat salad dressing is to regular salad dressing: not as satisfying and nowhere near as good for you. I did the boxing thing on the Wii and step. Both of which result in just a little heart rate blip and a splash of sweat. I also vaccumed the tile floors and swiffered them. That's sort of active.

I know in the long run (haha, run.. so punny), this is not a big deal, but man, I am feeling guilty about being lazy yesterday. I took every excuse ever to avoid real exertion, which is not really the behavior I need the week of a race. So... TODAY. There will be running! Fast! But not long! And outside, even though it is raining. Getting soggy will be my form of penance.

At least weather this weekend is looking livable:

Wow look at that picture quality. If you can't read it, it says it'll be 58 and sunny on Sunday. 0% Chance of precipitation. 0%! That is so asking for a freak snowstorm.

Yesterday's food- also not my best work. I ate all my food by 2, even though I was staying at work until 4. Fail. I had a tootsie roll and butterfinger from the office candy jar. Processed food? What processed food? I know there's some added-sugar detox period that you have to make it through before you no longer crave sweet stuff. I'm not sure I can ever make it through that phase. Snacks were bites of chili while I was making it, an egg, and then dinner was chili with cheddar cheese and a big salad. Yummy.

Today's food... is exactly like yesterday's, but with no tortilla in the afternoon. Sadface. A wild card is that I'm eating dinner out! Ahh! I'm going to Red Robin for a work function. Big shout out to them- they have a great 'build your meal' thingy on their website that lets you add and subtract toppings, sauces, sides, buns, etc. It is super cool, and it's fascinating to add and subtract stuff and see nutrition content change. I'm going to have a veggie burger and a salad. I'm legitimately psyched.

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