Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Taper week!

Taper week is the best week of all. I get to do less and still know I'm doing what I need to do for my body. Its like getting rewarded for being a little lazy.

Yesterday I did 10 chilly, fast minutes outside, then cooled down walking for a few and came inside. I played on the Wii and did yoga ('stretch') and planks and lunges ('strength'). I also did hula hoop. Confession: I think Wii hula hoop gives me better ab definition than any ab workout, especially the ab/hip region. But that could just be me. When I was done, I was starving so I had a tortilla, egg, V8, then rice cakes. I was feeling snacky, and while I can patiently wait for Andrew, my tummy cannot.

He got home and we had veggie burgers, salad, and steamed pea pods. Yummy. Then Andrew was still hungry so he made popcorn.. which I ate a majority of. It is SO bad for my teeth but unpopped popcorn kernels are basically my favorite thing. They're so satisfying to crunch on.

Today, I will swim. My mom is doing a water aerobics class at the only pool in our area, and she also has a pass for a bunch of visits, so my dad and I are going to use some. Her class is 45 minutes so we'll probably swim for at least 30. I love swimming, and swam competitively for years. It is a great workout and targets muscle groups that are not easily gotten in my regular workouts. I just generally feel sleeker when I swim regularly. BONUS: there is also a hot tub to relax in after swimming. Win-win. I'd like to go at least weekly during my marathon preparations.

Today's food is unexciting.
Breakfast: banana, egg, cottage cheese
morning snack: kashi bar, cheese, apple
lunch: soup, triscuits, veggies
afternoon snack: orange, peanuts
preworkout snack: tortilla
dinner: pasta and marinara, salad (with beans?)

Happy Tuesday!

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