Monday, March 28, 2011

Pretend this weekend didn't happen...

I have a habit of getting super duper over-invested in planning things out. I'm a control freak like that. I always have a mental timeline of how things should progress, down to the quarter hour, i.e. leave work at 4:00, home at 4:15, relax, change clothes, start run at 5, home by 6, stretch and hydrate 6:15... etc. It's insane, I know this. Well, my Saturday morning plan was:

up by 8
Running by 8:30
Home by 10
Showered by 11
Packed and departing for Pennsylvania by 1

Instead, it went like this:

up by 10
biking (not running. sadface) by 11
Home by 12
showered and out the door by 1-1:30.

My friday night was a little later than I had hoped, so Saturday morning I could not bring myself to get up early. I get irritable when my schedule is changed, but still I delayed my last long run before the 10-miler until Sunday. Mistake. I ate weird (for me) food on Friday night, weird food on Saturday and Sunday, then expected my body to cooperate with 8 miles? Not so much. Instead, I was home late on Sunday, and it was already getting dark, so I had to run on the treadmill. In order to not make them junk miles, I decided to up the incline. My legs and lungs were screaming at the end, but I finished. And I got to watch super old episodes of How I Met Your Mother. So I accomplished something :)

The second issue with running late (I wasn't back from the gym until 8:30), was fueling and refueling late. I was hungry for dinner when I got home, but had a banana and an egg a little while before running. I have major tummy troubles following long runs, and last night was no exception. I feel nauseous, not at all hungry, and my body for some reason wants to just empty itself. I fought through that because I knew I needed something, and choked down a salad, tortilla, and little bit of cottage cheese. Sorry, muscles.

This week is a wild card week for me. On the schedule tonight is 'stretch and strengthen' but instead I'm going to do a couple easy miles outside, as my legs are pretty tight and angry today. Nothing 'hurts' but everything is a little bit achy. My Achilles' feel like they are about an inch too short. The forecast for this week involves rain Wednesday through Friday, so I had better get outside while I have the chance. I'm thinking easy run tonight, swimming tomorrow, maybe bike ride Wednesday?

Food today is pretty much the usual, plus extra crackers because I want to make up for not being able to eat much last night.
Breakfast:egg, banana, icky Yoplait greek yogurt (it tastes super sweet and super vanilla-y. I do not like overly sweet breakfast food)
morning snack: string cheese, apple, icky Kashi cereal bar
lunch: lentil soup, triscuits and veggies
afternoon snack: orange and peanuts
dinner: TBD

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  1. You know this, but you need to cut back on stuff that effects your schedule. You are in training for a MARATHON. Do not mess it up.