Monday, March 21, 2011

Long run!

Yesterday felt like my first legitimate long run since I started training for the 10-miler. My first week was only 6 miles, on a treadmill, and last week was a stepback week so it was only 4. This week was 7. That's the longest I've run in a while. A while being a year. It was... an experience. My first mistake was lazing about in the morning and early afternoon and putting the run off instead of getting up and going. So much nicer to watch tv and spend quality time with the boyfriend.

The weather was amazing, low 50's and sunshiney. I measured out the route beforehand.. I forgot to account for roadkill though... it is dumb deer season around here and there was a particular dead one that I had to pass on the way out and back. The first 2.7 miles are low, rolling hills, then some steeper but pretty short hills. Then reverse that for the next 2.7 miles. I did okay with the steep hills but got stopped for directions TWICE. Note to drivers, if I look just about dead, I will not be very good at getting you to your destination. Second note to drivers, if you're honking to say 'hey!' and you wave, I will wave back, but I have no idea who you are. Running + breathing + deciphering who is driving a car when it is sunny out = failure.

The last leg of my trip was down a gravel road to the river. This is where my legs started fighting back. I had to go on and off the sidewalk a couple times (I run on asphalt because it's nicer on your joints, but I go on the sidewalk, if available, when cars are coming) and every time I thought I was going to fall on my face. Apparently picking up my feet fully was beyond me. Luckily I did not faceplant. The gravel also kicked my butt. I saw another runner though. Hi runner! My favorite part of the run was wearing my droid in my old U2 iPod armband. I am such a loser, I hate buying new things if I think something I already have will work. And the U2 ipod is approximately the same size as my phone... remember this?

It worked out just fine, but mostly because I don't change my music during a run. The ipod armband was NOT designed for my phone because the cutouts in the screen protector are shaped like the trackwheel, not like a phone screen. Oh well. It made me laugh anyways.

I got home and cooled down a while and stretched. I could not get enough stretching, or laying on the floor feeling lazy. The rest of the day consisted of free Rita's (first day of spring!), pasta, and relaxing. All in all, not a bad day.

Going into the long run, mentally I was fairly resistant. I had psyched myself out since I hadn't run this far in soooo long. I kept going over the route the night before and thinking, "man, that seems long in the car, will I make it?" I need to have more faith in my mental and physical abilities. It's not like I'm starting running from scratch and expecting to go 7 miles. And I'm kind of stubborn, so I know I will complete something even if it kills me. I know I will never be fast, so I just need to run and be happy and keep chugging along.

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  1. I also put my droid in my ipod arm band. It also works but not too well. I have considered buying an arm band made for it, but... I too do not want to spend that money. Have you bought a new one since then?