Sunday, March 20, 2011

I make my own schedule.

Thursday afternoon, as planned, I did 3 miles outside. Unfortunately, the whole time I was fighting with my GPS which just did not want to ''find itself" (my GPS is a 19 year old philosophy major). The weather was gorgeous, my legs felt good, but I was just so so irritated at my GPS and caught up pressing the little 'sync' buttons over and over I didn't really focus on enjoying the run. Oh well, there will be others!

Friday was a planned rest day. Got to enjoy a day of relaxation with my wonderful boyfriend who took off work for the day. Slept in, relaxed, enjoyed puttering around the house then going out to dinner and a movie. Saturday I was supposed to get up and do 7 miles... however, my nights-to-days sleeping schedule had other thoughts on that. So... I took the day off. Again. Like last week. I think this constitutes a trend. I was pretty sore anyways, and instead spent the day walking around the mall with my family and making myself more sore.. silly me wearing the wrong shoes. BUT I did get new running shoes! Weee!

They're the Mizuno Wave Nirvana. They felt amazing, and the running store (Potomac River Running, proud sponsors of the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler!) I went to did a great job talking me through the shoe buying process. I've been to stores that claimed to analyze your gait and match you to the proper shoe and all that good stuff, but this was the first time I actually felt like the saleperson knew exactly what she was talking about. She was a wealth of information and not pushy and didn't (visibly) judge me for sweating after my 30 second bouts on the treadmill (it was hot and I was wearing jeans...).

I will not be wearing my new shoes on my 7-miler, because although they are awesome, I do not like blisters. I will be wearing new socks and a new sports bra, which is excitement enough for me. It's kind of chilly today in southern Maryland, but the sun is shining and hopefully it goes well. I measured out my running route with Andrew and we threw in some hills for good measure (and because its unavoidable down here) so hopefully it's not too killer. Also, hopefully I buy myself a new, functional GPS at some point. The one I've been using is super old Timex and portable navigation stuff has gotten so much more advanced, it is about time I upgrade.

Have a happy Sunday!

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