Friday, March 25, 2011

Home stretch

The countdown continues: 8 days until the Cherry Blossom 10 miler! I'm mostly getting excited about the Race expo. I love freehies, and I love the excitement.. and getting a new shirt! For folks not from the DC area, the Cherry Blossom festival happens every year, around this time, and the 10 miler is a HUGE race that happens a part of it. Locals hate the Festival because confused tourists cause ridiculous traffic situations, clog the Metro by using it wrong, and just generally make a mess of things. I don't care, the race will be fun and I'm ok with delays as long as I get where I need to be.

Yesterday's 3 miler was CHILLY. Southern Maryland just cannot decide what temperature it wants to be. When I left work at 4, I was contemplating pants and short sleeves, but by the time I actually got out the door to run at 5:15, I definitely needed long sleeves, and even then my face was chilly for the first part of the run. I was supposed to do 3 miles, but because of my intense distrust of the iMapMyRun app, I did 3.2. Better safe than sorry. I was inspired to make it a fartlek workout (quit giggling and click the link) after the first mile, and because of a post on another running blog about speedwork. I HATE the idea of speedwork, but I saw excellent results when I incorporated it before the Pike's Peek 10K last year. That was my very best race performance to date, in one of my favorite races. I did lots of fartleks and other speed stuff before that race, so I figured it can't hurt.

I did the first mile quick-ish and steady. Then a steep downhill turned into 0.1 mile fast/0.1 mi slow for the remaining 2.2 miles. I felt quick! It was nice. I also felt completely spent afterwards. But I still had 'strength' to do. I tend to default to the Wii. Despite the whole "the Wii Fit is not really an effective weight loss tool," some of the strength training things are really good. I did lunges first. I should have done lunges second... or third.. or never. For those not familiar, the Wii balance board measures how you're distributing your weight during the different exercises, and to get full points for the exercise you need to distribute your weight how it wants you to. So for the lunges, this means most of your weight on your front leg, but not too much. The fact that you're held accountable for your form is a good thing, but man, those were some of the more painful lunges I've done recently. Right after a speedy-ish workout was not the time to do that.

Yesterday I ate some triscuits after work, then more triscuits after running. Dinner was a salad and way too much pizza. Yes, there is such a thing.

Today's eating will be a wild card! I'm working a half day at work, so I brought veggies, cheese, Kashi cereal bar (bought because I had a coupon... dislike!), peanuts, apple and orange with me (in case I end up staying a full day... just kidding, I'll eat all this before I leave at 11:30). Breakfast was just an egg and a banana, because I was oddly distracted.I realized while I was brushing my teeth I hadn't eaten cottage cheese or yogurt or anything. Probably for the best that I brought all this food... I will be HUNGRY here soon (disclosure, I ate that cereal bar before I finished this post, haha).

Tonight/this afternoon is all kinds of up in the air. I may walk with my mom if she's around, I may go home and scrub the floors. I definitely need to go to the grocery store, we have zero fresh food in the house. Tonight Andrew and I are having dinner at a friend's house, so I'll eat a big salad and triscuits before I go over there, because the odds that I don't like the food or don't want to eat much of it are very high. Snacking before mystery dinners is the way to go. I hope I'm not the only one who does that...

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