Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I have the least exciting blog in the world. Sorry. I haven't had the enthusiasm to add any bells and whistles yet.

Last night's run was kind of awful. I put it on 5% elevation and it was a little much. But I powered through and hills build character and all that good stuff. Tonight is 45 minuts of cross training, so I'll set the elliptical and go. I cannot wait until I can bike for my cross training, I hate just veggin out on the elliptical, and I never feel like it's a good workout. I know some folk swear by it, but I'm not a fan. At least I can get some quality low quality tv time in. I should really

So. My goals? For the 10-miler, I want to finish in like 90 minutes. I don't have super high hopes. We'll see. I would really just like to feel good about the race and have fun. I've heard that the Cherry Blossom 10-miler is a SUPER crowded race (there's a lottery to get an entry), so I'll just enjoy myself, run briskly, and enjoy the view. It's downtown DC, which I don't get to see nearly enough, so it'll be good to just enjoy the race and the monuments.

For the marathon, I'd really like to finish under 4 hours. There. I said it. The likelihood of that is pretty slim, but that's why I'm training. I know I'll never be fast, but I'd like to have a respectable time. Of course, my sub goal is to FINISH, period, but I'm trying to aim a little higher.

I can't wait to have normal hours, I feel like I'm running low on vitamin D considering I only see the sun, literally, when I'm walking to and from my car. I'm also eating a ton of crap. That'll end when the outage ends. We have an endless supply of candy here, and it's killer. "I only eat a piece every hour.. and I'm only here 9 hours... oh wait." Bad habit. Happy Wednesday. Enjoy the sunshine for me :)

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