Monday, March 21, 2011

get ready to be reallllly bored

So I'm a big eater. I like to eat all the time. I wake up ravenous and snack or eat every 2-3 hours throughout the day. This is not normally a problem, my weight is mostly healthy and I'm not really looking to lose any, but man, these 5 or 6 day a week workouts are making me crazy hungry. I know I need to eat healthier and time my eating better or else I'll just end up eating a ton of crap. Watch out, pita chips! My other problem is that since I eat so often, I sometimes confuse 'eating frequently' with 'eating enough.' I'll think to myself that I should not eat anything because I've already eaten 6 times that day, but I haven't really had that much, nutrition-wise. My body needs fuel to run well. Can't deny that.

You guessed it.. this has become a food blog in addition to running. Not interesting, but it will help me actually pay attention to if I am eating enough. I'm not counting calories, for the most part, but I am counting servings of grains and proteins, since I suck at getting those unless I remind myself. I'm a vegetarian, not a vegan, and most of my protein comes from cheese, eggs, whole grains (they have protein, I promise!), yogurt, beans and tofu. I also know I need to drink tons more water. I love water, and I need more.

So here goes:
I don't remember what I ate yesterday. I had part of an italian ice, a big salad with cottage cheese, and a smallish serving of (not whole grain) pasta with sauce for dinner. Then a glass of red wine. Mmm.

Breakfast: Siggi's yogurt, egg, banana (do i need some healthy fat with breakfast? I'm thinking yes...peanut butter on my banana?)
Morning snack: Special K granola bar (the box is almost done, then I won't buy anymore of these.. too sweet! and basically no nutrition), apple, string cheese
Lunch: leftover pad thai, broccoli, peanuts
Afternoon snack (pre-leaving work!): tortilla, orange
Afternoon snack (after leaving work!): triscuits and cheddar cheese, most likely. double mmm. then 60 minutes cross training.
After workout snack: V8
Dinner: TBD. salad with beans and veggie burgers and/or soup? We went grocery shopping on Friday but I have forgotten how to shop for day shift eating and I don't think we bought enough.

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