Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First post!

So. Here goes.

Background: I've been a 'runner' of sorts since high school. I did cross country, indoor and outdoor track, along with swimming. Throughout college, it was just a pasttime of mine, my preferred form of cardio in my quest to avoid the side effects of readily available all-you-can eat dining hall food. After college, running became more of a focus for me. I entered races and was more mindful about setting aside time to run because I paid attention to all of its benefits. I had a clearer mind and healthier outlook on life, as well as being a generally more fit and pleasant person.

2010: I got all prepared to run the Marine Corps Marathon.. I registered on the first day, I had a training plan... I was psyched. And then summer happened. And I moved. And I started a new job. And it was always too hot or early or [lame excuse]. I was injured because of my sporadic training (can't expect to run well if you're not doing it consistently!). The marathon came and went and I didn't run or defer registration.

2011: the Marine Corps Marathon registration date came... and went.... and I missed it. I was (am) working a really tough work schedule, and that made marathon registration the last thing on my list. And I was (am) working nights, so I was in some sort of parallel universe. When registration filled up, I decided to see what other paths I could take to still run this race, and I came upon charity running. Raising money for a good cause AND getting an entry into an awesome race? Sign me up!

So I did. Here's my donation page. I'm raising money for Back on My Feet, which you can read about here. I say this on my donation page too, but seriously, how cool is an organization that encourages a structured, healthy, uplifting activity like running? It creates a community for homeless folks to pursue fitness as well as job skills and life improvements. It's great. It was started in Philadelphia, then spread to DC and Baltimore, and now it is active in other cities. If you have any questions about the charity, I probably have them too, so we can learn together.

I'm really excited to run and to support this charity. I'm hoping everyone will follow my progress... blogging will help keep my accountable... I can't let it get to race day and be behind in training if I'm running for the greater good. Check back tomorrow for my training thus far and my training plan going forward. Happy Tuesday!

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