Monday, March 14, 2011

back in black

So I took a hiatus. But not from running! or.. just a little from running. Friday night was my rest day, and Saturday night I was supposed to do my 'long run' (stepback week FTW), but then I got stuck at work until 5am. So unfortunately exhaustion won out over sticking to the schedule. Last night, however, I triumphantly returned for my 4 mile run... which was one of the most horrendous runs in the my life, no lie. I had heartburn like nobody's business, and the entire run I could just feel stomach acid wreaking havoc on my poor esophagus. Misery. I was literally counting down the tenths of miles. I took it pretty easy, even though I wanted to get it done NOW, but I didn't want to die, because I decided to cut out my monday night 'rest/Stretch and Strength' day to do 50 mins of cross training. I feel like that's a good tradeoff, I will skip my least strenuous day in order to not miss a more strenuous day. just can't be skipping workouts willy nilly, it is a bad habit. That will definitely be my biggest challenge, just letting excuses get in the way. I was non-functional after a 12 hour shift, so I feel like that's a legit reason to not run, but that is a slippery slope.. "sigh, I worked 10 hours! I shall fade away"

I'm SO CLOSE to being back on day shift. Sleeping at normal hours, socializing at normal hours. So good.

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